Sunday, July 29, 2007

New York City

I went to New York City for the first time last week!  The first of many trips there, hopefully.

My boss told me if I could set up meetings for us there, he would let me go.  Done deal.  

After some cold calling and plenty of rejections, I was able to get 2 meetings set up:  The Rockefeller Group and ... I don't even remember the other one.  We are still talking about changing our prime broker, so we had meetings set up with Lehman, B of A, JP Morgan, etc. to talk about that.

I flew in on a Tuesday morning and was immediately shocked by the sheer number of skyscrapers, people and taxis everywhere.

It's July.  And it is HOT.  Michael sweat completely through his dress shirt after a 3 minute walk.  No joke.  Poor guy.

It seemed like we spent a lot of time in cabs...and not much time in actual meetings.

We grabbed some lunch at a little deli by Rockefeller Center before continuing on with the days agenda.

Dinner was in Little Italy after what seemed like 20 meetings, but I think was only 4.

After dinner we skipped the cabs and walked all the way back to our hotel in Times Square.

Now that place is something to see!  I've never seen so many lights (and people) in all my life!

Before calling it a night, we had some fun at ESPN Zone:

Michael and Chris racing.

Day 2 - Wednesday - was more meetings and more cab rides before heading back to the airport that night..  

I did get to see Central Park (briefly), and it looked just beautiful!

It was a super short trip (only two nights), but we got a lot accomplished (work-wise), and still managed to have some fun exploring the crazy city, too!

I'll be back soon.  I only got the tip of the iceberg in this city!