Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Las Vegas

I made my first trip to LAS VEGAS last weekend - which also happened to be Super Bowl Sunday!

Shannon used to live there, so she knew all the cool/fun places to go...and we got a really good deal on a room at Paris, where we could see the Bellagio fountains from our hotel room window!!

We flew in on Saturday evening (we had to work Saturday morning) and just walked up and down the strip for awhile.  Watched a little show outside of Treasure Island, walked all around inside Venetian...  All the casinos are SO BIG and fancy!

We grabbed some quick dinner and drinks at Margaritaville (live music!), and walked back to watch the fountains for awhile before getting ready to go out for the night!

I LOOOVE these fountains!
That night, we went out to Jet at The Mirage casino.  Shannon and I didn't have any problem getting in, but the guys had to bribe the door guy to let them in!  It was a huge nightclub, with three separate rooms playing three different kinds of music.  It was SUCH a cool experience, and we all had a blast dancing the night away!

Yea, I look like I just got out of the shower.  That's sweat from dancing! Sick!
 On Sunday, we slept in (of course) and then walked all the way to the end of the strip and through most of the casinos!

We walked through some more casinos, but didn't stay up too ridiculously late because we had a super early flight back to Tahoe Monday morning (and it was back to work for all of us for the day)! 

Sunday night we watched the superbowl and came really close to winning a WHOLE lot of money on a ridiculous bet.  

It was a crazy early morning and a rough Monday.  I believe at least one of the guys slept under his desk while he was supposed to be working.  Oh well.  Probably to be expected after a Vegas weekend...