Monday, April 29, 2013

April Phone Dump

I take a lot of pictures throughout the month on my iPhone.  And while a lot of them are documented on Instagram (see updated side bar), I thought I would just start doing a monthly "phone dump" of what all happened.  Not sure how many months I will actually stick with this, but work is slow right now and I'm, here's April:
  • Pedicures before Easter (this was technically late March) ... using the gift certificates my mom got  us for Christmas:

(Pretty sure Christa flipped me off right after this picture!)

  • The kids (my niece and nephews) came over to 'celebrate' Easter early (IE: they got some presents) since I was in San Antonio for the actual day. 

  • Hunter got dressed up for Easter:  
Cutest Easter Bunny EVER

(I know these pictures are awful, but the outfit was so adorable)

  • I bought a new ring.  Just for fun.  It was a Groupon, and it's supposedly real diamonds. 

  • We FINALLY had some spring-like weather.  It didn't last long, but it was enough to see some plant life:

  • We had some fun with the cascarones and other things I brought back from my San Antonio trip: 

  • Hunter figured out how to work the camera on the phone and took his first "selfie:"

  • Alt J concert at Midland:

  • Matt and I got updates on our sponsored kids in Ethiopia, Beza and Yitbarek: 

(They are holding pictures that we sent them, along with items in a care package)


  • We made a visit to Deanna Rose, a local petting zoo, on a sunny Saturday:

  • Date night at thew new(ish) Kauffman Center downtown to see Stomp!

  • We did some serious planning for our big vacation to Portugal and Spain next month.  Hotels and flights were booked, as well as tickets purchased to the opening party at the Ushuaia night club in Ibiza (a small Spanish island known for its music and parties!)
    Slightly excited for this party...
  • My sister-in-law put highlights in my hair...and then straightened it.  Me with straight hair is definitely picture worthy!  It doesn't happen very often. ;) 

  • Joshua James concert in Lawrence.  We were one of 20 people there.  No joke.

  • I officially signed up for the Chicago Marathon.  And immediately started running again.  26.2 miles is a long-freaking-ways. 

  • Matt and I went to an India cultural event at the Nelson Atkins Museum.  Lots of beautiful and interesting dancers.  (I figured I better start learning about India if I want to go there in August!)

  • Date night at The Jacobson.  Food was great and we enjoyed some live music.  To top it off, I found a $20 under the tire of the car when we got back!  

  • Day trip to Manhattan for the K-State Spring Football game.  Allie and her friend did the cheer clinic and then got to cheer during the first half of the game.  She loved it and I'm convinced she is going to be a cheerleader now.

                                                           I found a new headband in Aggieville!

He got SO excited when everyone in the stadium clapped...

...which was a big change from the football game he went to last year!

Hunter slept through his first KSU football game (September 2012)

  • Black Keys concert at Sprint Center.  Flaming Lips opened for them and they are one of the weirdest bands I've seen.  (Randomly met the coolest girl ever, Sindhu, at the bar at Beer Kitchen before the concert and ended up giving her a ride downtown for it.  I think we're going to be BFF's now. ;) )

  • Lunch date at Elsa's Ethiopian Restaurant.  Love that place!  The food is so unique and delicious...but it does make me miss my Ethiopian kids! :(

So, that was April's phone dump!  This just might turn out to be a good way to keep track of all the random memories throughout the months...  Kind of wish I'd been doing this all along now!