Friday, February 28, 2014

February Recap

February Recap:  Pics from my iPhone

  • Starting this one off up close and personal!  I got a facial ... a peel, to be exact ... for the first time.  And I wasn't pleased at all when my skin actually peeled off my face.  I mean, I don't know what I was expecting.  It's called a "peel" for a reason!

  • Superbowl Sunday!  I wore my navy and green to cheer for the Seahawks.  Thank goodness the food was delicious, because the game sucked.

  • I started my training this month to become a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for children in the foster care system in Kansas City.  This was from day 1 of training!

  • I am SO over this winter.  It's been awful.  When this storm hit (below), I was one of about 3 people who made it in to the office at 8am the next day.  And I was then sent out to collect other employees who couldn't make it in on their own.

  • Christa and Allie made me some super cute magnets...which promptly went up at work where I can see them every day!

  • Just more dreaming of where I want to go.  Exploring is always on my mind...

  • I saw a post on Facebook about this headband curl thing, and decided to watch a YouTube video and give it a shot.  I got it damp at night, wrapped it in sections around a headband, and woke up with some decent looking curls in the morning.  (Of course I forgot to take a picture of how it looked after...)  Kind of pointless for me since I already have naturally curly hair, but it was something different and I might try it again sometime.

  • February = Winter Olympics!  I watched the Opening Ceremonies in my US Ski Team top from my friend, Shannon.


  • I bought a Bosu ball.  I don't exactly know why or where I even heard of them, but I have gotten some pretty solid workouts out of it already!  It's something different, and I really like it!  (Bonus:  the kids love to play on it, too!)  My mom, however, is still working on figuring it out!

  • Speaking of my awesome mom...she gave me the sweetest Valentine's Day card, along with a medicine ball to add to my growing home workout collection!

  • While cleaning out a closet, I came across this picture montage my friend, Jodi, made for my my first year of college.  Wow. Talk about a throw-back! These pictures are almost all from high school.  Which seems like an eternity ago!

Jaime, Lacy, Kathy, Christa, me (with short, straight hair!)
and Jodi at Applebees in Great Bend
  • Well, it's February.  And I ran a marathon in October.  And I just lost two more of my toe nails!  Don't mind that I have the grossest feet ever and definitely don't keep up with the nail polish...  A few more missing nails just adds to the beauty! ;)

  • I got to watch Hunter one Sunday while my brother and sister-in-law celebrated Valentine's Day a little early.  I took him with me after church, and since he only had church clothes, we went straight to Old Navy for a new outfit.  And I just couldn't resist these cute underwear -- even though he's really not interested in potty training.  In fact, he disliked these so much that after about a minute of yanking on them, he just brought me a diaper and laid down, haha!

  • Did I mention that I'm really over all the snow this winter??  Even Cricket has had enough of it!

  • Some pics of my nephew, Hudson.  Just because he's seriously adorable. :)

  • A little family time!  Me, my brothers and their kids (minus baby Hudson) eating at Dos Reales.

Hunter is a big fan of the fountain they have there...

  • After my trip to Puerto Rico and the worst sunburn of my back and arms looked like this:
According to my newphew, I looked "like an alien"

  • Hunter really likes his "Tee Tee" (somehow I've gotten that nickname this month) -- but even though he might have sounded a little disappointed from the below text when he found out I wasn't watching him, "Gram" is really still his favorite. 
          (And a delicious recipe for some healthy, energy balls!)

  • A lot of times when I got to Christa's house, she has a bag of clothes and jewelry for me to go through before she takes it to Goodwill.  And a lot of times, I take it all. :)  I sent her this pic of me wearing her sweater AND her earrings after a night of "shopping" at her house!

  • It's tournament time for my high school girls!  Here they are after winning the GPAC conference title in Olathe!

  • After doing some more research on the ridiculous sunburn I got in Puerto Rico, I decided it was sun poisoning and second degree burns on my legs.  No joke.

And since I absolutely could not help myself from scratching the crap out of my back with an old back turned in to infected blisters that I had ripped open.  Now that was fun...

Infected blister on my back.  Not cool.

  • My brother bought some land out in the country and set up a camera on a tree that goes off when there is movement.  Look at all the turkeys it caught!

  • Matt and I (and his family) attended the Benedictine College Scholarship Ball.  I opted for long sleeve since my arms and back were so gross...but it turned out my legs weren't much better...

Looking classy at a formal event with skin peeling off my legs...
  • I babysat Hunter one Sunday...and was informed he got up super early.  Even though it was a couple of hours before nap-time, he absolutely could NOT stay awake. I took him out of the car-seat, carried him in to the mall, propped him up on a counter at Dillards, tried to talk to him...nothing.  I actually checked to make sure he was still breathing at one point.  Little man was out.

  • Hadley was a big fan of the light up glasses and wand I got a the Scholarship Ball.  We turned the lights off in the basement and she ran back and forth waving them in the dark screaming, "HADLEY HAS THE POWER!" for at least 10 minutes straight...

  • I got this picture of Yitbarek in Ethiopia holding the stuffed monkey that Allie and Brody picked out for him.  They really thought that was pretty cool...  

  • Back to basketball time... In the first round of the district tournament, one of our girls hit a shot with about 2 seconds left to put us up by 1.  See the arrows in that pic?  Yea, that's me, jumping up and down like a crazy woman as the ball goes through the hoop.

AND she got fouled on the shot and hit her free-throw.
Talk about nerves of steel!
And jut like that, a Cristo Rey record was broken.  First team ever to win a game in districts!

  • Three weeks later, and my legs are still red and peeling.  That is some serious damage.

  • Rocking my new TahoeMade scarf...and wishing I was in Tahoe where at least I could enjoy the snow!

  • I took one of my good friends from college out for lunch to celebrate her birthday...and her little cutie came along!  Baby Stella was so good and didn't even make a peep the whole time we were out!

  • In preparation for being snowed in with my nephew, my mom and I went to the library to load up on books to try and keep him entertained.
(Who knew they would let you check out 17 books at once!?)

  • Instead of one nephew, I got TWO nephews for a sleep-over and all day party!

The snow started that evening and continued most of the next day.  So we spent a lot of time inside doing this:

Babysitter of the year, right here.  Thank the Lord for iPads!

Breakfast was picking the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms (just like his dad) and sharing some with the dog.


Cricket didn't get Lucky Charms, but she did get lots of love from Brody!

We were already going stir crazy in the house by mid-morning, 
so we met Kelli and Hadley at SkyZone to burn off some energy.

Worked like a charm.  These two ran and jumped until they 
couldn't move any more!

Seriously.  Look how red and sweaty he was by the end of it!

  • Nothing like a little Toys R Us visit to kill some more time.  Hunter got in every. single. car. there and even checked under the hoods...

...but he was NOT pleased when he didn't get to ride one of them home!

Gram carrying a thrashing, screaming toddler out of the store