Saturday, December 5, 2009

Los Angeles, CA

In need of some warmer temps, I went to LA last week.  Short version/highlights: hit up Disneyland for a day AND bungee jumped off a bridge.  Not a bad weekend if you ask me!

I swear, I don't know why everyone doesn't live in California.  The weather there is just amazing.

Day 1 (Friday) was checking out the USC campus (they had a little fair going on or something), hit Venice beach, of course, and attended a live taping of Jay Leno.  Lucked out with front row seats and even got picked to go up on stage before the taping began to entertain the audience with a comedian!  Saw the Christmas lights and Hollywood square after dinner that night.  (The Christmas trees + warm weather really threw me for a loop...)

Day 2 (Saturday) was Disneyland!  I love that place.  I don't care how old I get, I think it will always be fun.  But again, the shorts and Christmas decorations are just a weird combo...  That night I went to the Lakers game, ended up with awesome seats for FREE (some guy standing out front just handed them to me) and got to see Kobe hit a last second game winning three.  Pretty cool.

Day 3 (Sunday) was a long, beautiful hike through a canyon, and eventually jumping off a bridge.  No big deal.  (See link above for a video of it).

Day 4 (Monday) was driving up and down the 101 down to Laguna and Santa Monica Pier, before heading to the airport that evening.

(More detailed post and lots of pictures coming soon...)