Friday, May 15, 2009

Cricket & Willow

Ever since I closed on my house last month, I've known I wanted to get a dog.  A chocolate lab, to be more specific.  I have a big fenced in back yard that is just perfect for lots of running and playing! 

Well, the time has come!  I have been searching on the internet for awhile to find a chocolate lab that isn't ridiculously priced, and I finally found one!  I drove out to a farm in Missouri last night and got the cutest little (girl) chocolate lab puppy you can ever imagine. 

Meet Willow:

(NOT a good picture of her.  She is seriously adorable!)

Oh, and I also got her sister, a black lab - who I named Cricket. 

I just couldn't leave her!  She was the only black girl left, and they already loved to play together...see!

They are SUCH good girls!  The slep the whole way home and didn't whine at all.

They ate on the back deck, went right down the stairs to go potty, and cautiosly came back in to the kitchen to play with some new toys!

It was serioulsy hard to leave them to come to work this morning!!