Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tucson, AZ - Sunday

The next day, my dad and I went hiking with my cousin, Sue, who lives in Phoenix.  We went to Sabino Canyon just outside of Tucson.  The weather was just gorgeous, and we had a great time making the couple mile trek up - and back down.

I couldn't believe how BLUE the sky was!  It was gorgeous out!

We hiked for a couple of hours, and I was just loving it!  My dad got bored and decided to RUN all the way down.  He met us at the bottom!  Crazy old man... ;)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tucson, AZ - Saturday

Last weekend I made a quick trip down to Tucson, AZ to be with my dad at my cousins birthday party (and beating cancer party)!  I haven't been to Tucson since middle school, so I was really excited to go back!  Plus, I've hardly seen anyone in my family since moving back from China last month, so I had to jump at the opportunity to hang with my dad for a weekend!  (Mom had to stay home and work.)  The warm and sunny weather was a welcome change from the snow in Tahoe!

Bob BUILT all those shelves...

(Bob recently overcame pancreatic cancer)

My cousin, Sue, and my dad

LOTS of good food - most of which Barb made!

Barb, Brittany, and Bob
The party went in to the night.  It was a pretty cool thing to see all of the good friends and support he has!