Saturday, June 26, 2010

Laramie, WY

My child-hood best friend, Morgan, got married in Laramie, Wyoming, last week.  And even though we haven't been the best at staying in touch lately - only talking a couple of times a year - there was still no way I was missing her big day!

I still remember the first day I met her.  There weren't many girls in our neighborhood.  It was pretty  much always me and boys.  But one summer day Morgan and her little brother, Dylan, come down to join the neighborhood games (of flag football, I think).  I don't remember exactly how the conversation went, but I was a pretty big tom-boy, and she wasn't, haha.  Our friendship took off though, and we remained BFF's right up until the day she moved away to Michigan.  I went to visit her once there, and again when she moved to Laramie (my first time in an airplane)!  We have a long history together!

So, like I said, I wasn't missing her big day.  Without much vacation time at my current job, my mom and I decided to make a quick road trip up to Laramie for the weekend...which included bringing her dog, Deuce, along for the ride.  We left early Saturday morning and drove non-stop to Laramie.  It really wasn't a bad drive...8 or 9 hours. 

I lucked out and booked a really nice hotel for next to nothing (the day before we left) on priceline or one of those websites.  We weren't sur what we were going to get, but it was great.  The guy checking us in at the front desk said the rate we got was even cheaper than what he could get as an employee!  Score! (The only downfall was they didn't allow pets, so we had to sneak Deuce in through a back door!)

We made it to Laramie in time to check-in at our hotel, shower, and head to the wedding.  Morgan was brave and planned an outdoor wedding...and it rained that afternoon.  They were moving everything to the inside back-up location, when the sun decided to pop up just shortly before the ceremony.  It turned out to be just perfect - a nice cool evening!  The wedding was set up on the lawn next to the University of Wyoming Student Union (her dad was the track coach there).

After the wedding, Morgan and Bobby lined up to greet everyone.  Below is the pic of the first time I got to hug the new bride...first time in a couple of years, actually!  She's such a sweet girl...I just love her!

Before we went in to the reception, we had to go let the dog out of the car (yes, we kept her in the car instead of the hotel room).  She needed a potty break, so we walked across the street and let her run around in a field.  

Once poor Deuce was stuck back in the car, my mom and I went in to the reception at the Student Union.  It was decorated all cute (of course) and was a great setting for the a wedding reception.  All the tables had pitchers of tea and water, and buckets full of soda.  Such a cute idea!

Morgan and Bobby did all the typical wedding recpetion stuff:  grand entrance, speeches, first dance, cutting the cake, etc...  I did get a little one-on-one time with Morgan before we left for the night.  She was one busy bride!

It was short trip to Laramie.  We left early the next morning for the long drive back to Great Bend...and then MY even longer trip back to KC!  Totally worth the 20 hours in the car in two days to see my best friend get married!  

(Driving through the mountains in Wyoming)