Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Recap

April wasn't too exciting.  Lots of foot/leg pictures and laying around in bed!  

Besides my mom's surprise partyEaster and Shannon's visit, here is the rest of April...

  • Shannon and Ryan sent me the sweetest card and some awesome lilies that smelled so sweet!  They made me smile every time I looked at them!  (And they lasted for like three weeks!)

  • Shower construction continued...           Before and after tile grout!

  • I got a FaceTime call from Hunter one morning while I was at work...saying he wanted to go to Aunt TeeTees house!  Haha - melted my heart.  He's the cutest!

  • Shower complete -- except for the glass wall/doors - which were a three week wait!  Ugh!

  • Finally got my cast cut off and the stitches removed.  That hurt WAY worse than I thought it was going to!!

  • Hunter tried out my guitar - that I dug out of my closet because I decided I was actually going to play since I was stuck in bed so much this month.  (That lasted all of 1.5 days.)

  • I did some shopping and running errands with my mom.  I've been on the hunt for some new bedding.  I love the comforter I have now, but it has seen better days.  I have fun blanket I brought back from India I'm trying to match stuff to for Spring/Summer, but then will need new Fall/Winter bedding.  I really liked this one at Bed Bath & Beyond and took a pic so I would remember it.

I also really liked this big map wall hanging.  I thought it was a big expensive, but I ended up going back with my 20% off coupon and buying it a couple of days later!  It will look great in my family room with my new map pillows I'm having made from Etsy!

  • The blanket I brought back from India:

(I think it's a bit much now that I look at it again, but it's very "India" and really reminds me of the fun trip Ang and I had there!)

  • FaceTime with these two cuties!  (PS:  FaceTime = greatest invention ever.)

  • My mom has been such a trooper taking care of everything for me and my house since my surgery.  Seriously.  She works all day and all night I think!  Here she was mowing the back yard - and you can't really tell in the picture, but it was like 8pm and she was still out working!

  • In foot/leg news, my leg continued to shrink and the swelling in my foot didn't go down much.

  • Tuesday night dinner at Tony and Christa's.  The weather was finally warm and the kids were crazy.  Hunter was obsessed with a bike helmet for some reason, Allie showed me her new metal mouth, and Brody decided he wanted to take care of the ordering/paying when we went out for ice cream.

(Brody thought it was the funniest thing ever to get to do this!)

  • My April Birchbox came!  I totally look forward to this every month and was so excited to tear it open!

I LOVED everything in it this month!  Delicious granola bar, leave-in conditioner, nail polish, makeup with SPF, and purple eyeliner!

  • Ever since I watched Food Inc, I haven't been able to eat chicken unless I know where it came from.  So my mom did some hunting and came home with this.  YAY for free range, antibiotic free chicken! 

  • My gorgeous flowers.  Still going strong and smelling sweet two weeks out!

  • Also going strong and smelling sweet, my neighbors tree!

  • Just a selfie to send to Christa. She did my hair one evening, and I woke up with it looking like this the next day!  She's good.  For real.

  • Pics of Hudson - because he's too cute - and Hadley - because she is, too! 

  • I went down to grab my sunglasses (that I had left there) one Saturday morning, and found these two sitting in the driveway waiting for their morning walk! :)

  • Got my new hand-painted TOMS in the mail!  How cool are these!?

  • A big cold front was predicted to move in...and boy did it ever.  70 degrees on one side and like 30 on the other!  

  • It had been a cool, rainy, day and Hadley needed some entertainment.  So I took her to Wal-Mart with me to look for some decorations for my mom's surprise birthday party.  Hadley was SO good and really listened well..and didn't even ask for anything when we were looking at Barbies.  So you can imagine her surprise when I said she could pick one out to get, haha.  She said, "For me!?  You mean I can take it home!?"  Too cute. :)

PS - When did Barbies get so expensive!?
And the texts from Jason and Kelli, hahaha!  
Cracks me up. :)

  • Shower doors FINALLY got installed!!  I LOVE how it all turned out!

  • More FaceTime.  He's just too cute.  I can't resist snapping some screen shots when we're chatting. :)

  • I went to a fundraiser for Allie's school, which also showcased all of their art work.  Of course I had to bid (way too much $$) to win Allie's cool heart!  Her's was totally the best - not that I'm bias or anything.

Allie's art (left) and Brody's art (right):

The evening ended with the choir singing a couple of songs. :)

All of my art work from Allie is proudly displayed in my office at work!

  • I didn't have to work on Good Friday, so my mom and I shopped and ran errands.  Apparently 4 hours of shopping was too much for her.  I came in to check on her after we had been home for a little while, and this is how I found her.  Out cold.

  • Good Friday mass at Good Shepherd church.  It was the longest mass ever and my foot was not having it, so we actually left early!  I took this when my mom went up to touch the crucifix...I think just to do something to take my mind off of my foot!

  • More foot/leg pics.   This was 4 weeks post-op.

  • I don't remember why I took this, but I clearly have something (a piece of fuzz?) on my eyeball if you look closely!

  • New art for my room.  I know I just got a new painting not long ago, but I happened to spot these in Joann's (of all places) and knew I couldn't pass them up!  I have an slight obsession with all things maps/globes. :)

  • Almost three weeks after I got my flowers, ONE still remained!  It held on until the day before Shannon came to visit!

  • If I ever got a tattoo, this is what and where it would be.  Love it!

  • Another leg/foot picture.  5 week update:  swelling going down, but still bruised!

  • After LOTS of blood work, tests, doctor appointments, and ultrasounds...I have been diagnosed with Gilbert's Syndrome!  Really no big deal - my liver just doesn't process bilirubin like it's supposed to or something like that.  I still have to go to a GI specialist next month, but hopefully no more blood work!  My bruised arms already make me look like a druggie!

  • April Kiwi Crate was about robots.  I think I am always more excited about these boxes than Hadley is.  She just wants someone to come down and play Barbies...not necessarily do the activity in the box, haha.  So I made a cool robot and played with it, and left the other activity for Kelli to do with her.  We played barbies instead. :)

  • Jason and Kelli dropped the kids off at my house for a bit so they could go pick up a new grill.  I entertained Hudson in my room while Hadley pulled weeds with my mom in the backyard.  

Hudson loved looking out the window at Hadley and the dogs (not pictured)
  • My mom and I watched Hunter so Tony and Christa could go out to eat for their anniversary (April 30th).  After a trip to Costco, we decided a slice of pizza and a pepsi would be as good as anything for dinner!  Hunter couldn't have agreed more! He almost ate the entire piece!

And there's APRIL!  

So excited for SPRING to be here soon!