Friday, April 25, 2014


Easter was only 2.5 weeks ago.  Just a little behind with this, but...

The Easter celebration started a week early by taking Hunter (with his cousins, Lane, & Tucker) to the Easter festivities at Church of the Resurrection.  They had so much stuff going on: petting zoo, cookie making, inflatable jump houses, tattoos, arts & crafts, puppet shows, and of course, an egg hunt!

With all of that going on, and for free, you can imagine how many people showed up!  The place was a zoo.  Me on my scooter (still not walking) trying to keep track of a 2 year old who was a little weary of everything was not the easiest.

Petting zoo:

Egg Hunt:
(Aunt of the Year here forgot a basket.  Luckily Lane was nice enough to share his!)

Cookie decorating:
(You better believe I finished off what he didn't eat)

Checking out the fire truck:


And leaving:

The boys listened so well and were much more patient than I was!



My mom and I got up early and went to 7:30am mass at the Catholic church down the street from where I live.  Then we rushed around to get everything together and went to Tony and Christa's house for brunch and another egg hunt.

First pic of the day:  Allie's selfie I found on my phone.  

Everyone brought a ridiculous amount of delicious food!  Cinnamon rools, mac & cheese, potatoes, deviled eggs, desserts galore...  I assumed my position outside on the deck at the kids table and Christ brought me a heaping (literally) plate of good.  I should have taken a picture of it.  It was so big I thought it was a joke!

After we ate, the kids not-so-patiently sat on the steps begging to be set free in the yard to collect the eggs.  Surprisingly, Brody was worse than all of them!  He was dying to get out there and beat everyone!  Allie only had 4 eggs hidden in hard spots.

The little kids did really well and totally got the hang of it - especially knowing there was CANDY inside.  

Allie somehow managed to get the ladder out and get one of her eggs down all by herself.  Tony was both shocked and disappointed it was so easy for her!

Mom and I sitting on the glider enjoying the view and nice weather!

All of the boys found enough eggs to over-flow their baskets.  I'd say that's a success.

We hung out for awhile and watched all of the kids dump out the candy and toss the eggs.  I think they went a little over board with the eggs and treats this year.  Those kids had more candy than Halloween! ;)

When I went to leave, I found Hunter outside "washing" my car with my water gun.

And from the car, he quickly went to washing me and the scooter!  Cutest thing ever. ;)

Thanks to the hosts for putting together a great Easter celebration!

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