Sunday, November 1, 2009

Road Trip: North Carolina to KC

My BFF, Kelsey, has been living in North Carolina for awhile now, but is moving back to Kansas City.  Make that DRIVING back to Kansas City, with all of her stuff in her tiny car.

Being the good friend I am ;)  I couldn't let her do the looooong drive by herself.

So I flew out to North Carolina, she picked me up at the airport around 2pm, and we immediately hit the road back to Kansas City. 

Her car was so packed, the passenger seat was pushed almost all the way forward, and the seat back was practically straight up.  Just slightly umcomfortable, haha.

Gassing up before hitting the road.  (And bought a road atlas...just in case.)

We only stopped for gas, snacks, and bathroom breaks -- which wasn't many stops.  I wish I could still remember where all of them were, but at least I took pictures at every stop!

 Sleep didn't come easily, although I do think I drifted off once or twice in betwen driving shfits.  It was cramped quarters in that little car.  Did I mention how much stuff she had packed in there?? ;)

After a long day of traveling and driving aaaallllllll evening/night long, we rolled back in to Kansas City (and my house) around 7am the next morning!

Driving by The K!

Home safe in my driveway
Needless to say, it was a long 24 hours.  But we made the best out of it and had a good time catching up on our cross-country (well, half way across the country) road trip!