Saturday, February 28, 2009

Family in Tahoe

Well, my time in Tahoe is coming to an end!  It's been an awesome 18 months out here, but I'm heading it back to Kansas.  I turned in my THREE MONTHS notice in November, so my last day working here in Tahoe is Febraury 28th!  To help me move back home celebrate, my parents came out for a visit, along with my brother and several friends. 

My parents drove so they could move stuff back for me (along with a rented UHaul AND my SUV - I have a lot of stuff).  Some friends flew in early to Reno, but six flew in to Sacramento a day later.  Ashley (a friend who flew in earlier) made the two hour drive with me to Sacramento to pick them up.  It was a JAM PACKED car, and of course I got pulled over for speeding back in Incline Village.  The officer didn't believe that I actually had 8 seatbelts in my car, but after shining some flash lights around and being satisified, he did let me off with just a warning.   (Add it to my list of warnings...)  We enjoyed some time in the hot tub that night (and doing snow angels - bad idea).

I really worked hard to make sure it would be a cheap trip for everyone.  My boss let us stay at his penthouse condo at Northstar (with 5 bedrooms / 10 beds), and a couple of ski school friends helped me get skis and boots for everyone coming!  I even secured some free ski passes from my boss' friend!  Now that's what I call a cheap free ski trip!

8 sets of skis/poles in my little apartment
We hit the ground running the next morning and set off for some skiing at Northstar.  ONCE AGAIN, I got pulled over for speeding in Incline Village.  And ONCE AGAIN, I managed to get a warning.  I've honestly never seen a car so packed in my life, 8 people and 8 sets of skis.  Come on.  I think the cop just feld bad for us, haha! 
Leaving the Incline Village  house for the condo at Northstar

(Rest of post coming soon...)