Thursday, April 30, 2015

April iPhone Pics

  • Spring weather finally arrived in KC.  Which means more evenings outside with the kiddos!

  • I had Hunter one afternoon...and boy was he grumpy when he woke up from his nap!

All it took were some legos -- and legos on the tv -- to get him going again.

  • I learned you can actually eat almost an entire apple -- core and all! 

  • My hair dyer finally died.  It blew up (popped) in my face and then started smoking.  So of course I instantly grabbed my camera and took a picture before worrying about anything else. ;)

  • I finally cancelled the cable and bought an antenna to watch tv.  The pic below is of the antenna scanning for channels.  But somehow, through some weird loophole maybe, I still have cable through the company!  I kept my internet with maybe they can't differentiate between the internet and the cable?  I don't know, but whatever, I've got free cable. :) 

  • Just another gorgeous Kansas sunset from my front porch. 

  • Had to break out my hand-painted Wisconsin TOMS shoes for the college basketball final four game.  #BuckeynotKentucky  (Unfortunately, they lost...)

  • Easter Sunday church started out with quite a production - choir, and dancing angels and an orchestra.  It was just beautiful!

And seriously, how cute is this little guy in the outfit I got for him!?

We had an Easter egg hunt after church, and Hunter was REALLY in to it this year, which made it pretty awesome. 

We had another hunt with Hadley and Hudson later that afternoon.  
Hadley loved it.  Hudson only wanted to drive my car.

  • My mom sent me off to work with a packed lunch-box.  Old school style.  The lunch box was a gift from Shannon so I had to send her a picture. :) 

  • Spent a nice Saturday at Deanna Rose with these two cuties: 

Jason managed to feed a prairie dog a pretzel through the fence and he thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Hadley decided she was in to fishing.  Here she is giving me a lesson on proper casting form...

  • Hudsons infatuation with "driving" cars lead to a dead battery in my brothers car.

 When jumping it didn't work, we replaced the battery.  I was initially really excited for this fun project, but it was way easier than I expected...and therefore a little less exciting. 

  • My co-worker brought me a piece of chocolate, and this was on the wrapper: 

"Ignite your sense of adventure"

Oddly enough, I flew to California the next day for quite the fun adventure! 

  • I finally caught one of Hadley's soccer games this spring.  A bunch of 4 year olds running around trying to kick the ball was pretty entertaining.  Hadley was surprisingly good!  Aggressive and competitive...just like her Aunt. ;) 

  • I got my first MRI!  The stress fracture in my foot was not healing so my doctor wanted to see what else was going on in there.  Took about 40 minutes of holding perfectly still, which was a struggle for me! 
           RESULTS:  one of the screws in my foot from last years surgery is in a bad place --- putting                      pressure on a bone it shouldn't be.  Sooooooo I get to have surgery again.  Yippee. :/

  • New background image for my phone.  Sunsets over Tahoe are kind of my favorite...

  •  My mom took all of us to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant to celebrate her closing on her new house.  Christa snapped this pic of me walking in with two of my favorite kids in the world.

  • Jason and I drove home to Great Bend with my mom Friday night - to load up what was left at the house.  We hit quite the storm on the way... 

Look at that black cloud we drove right in to! 

Blue skies and sun shine the next day for loading up a giant uHaul

Hit the road back to Kansas City late afternoon and had no icidents driving that beast of a vehicle...

...until I got to the house.  I definitely bottomed it out trying to get it out of  the neighbors driveway. Oops. 

  • After an already long weekend of driving and loading a uHaul...this is NOT what I wanted to come home to!  My moms dog got in to the trash can and had it strewn all over the house... 

  • I had a little company driving the uHaul in town the next day.  Brody was super excited to get to ride in it! 

  • Sunrise after an early morning workout.  I would get up early for this any day!

  • I got a pedicure the night before my foot surgery -- which I never do.  My feet were so gross and I knew I wasn't going to be able to do anything with my right foot for a couple of weeks, so some fresh paint would do some good. 

  • I couldn't eat after midnight the night before surgery.  I was so hungry I told my mom I could eat her face, haha.  I think that was the drugs talking. ;) 

When I woke up an hour or so later, this is what they handed me: 
an xray of my hardware-less foot, and three giant screws that they took out!

They propped me up in a wheel chair and out I went with a new foot...with holes in it.

First stop (after eating at Panera, of course):  Costco.  My mom needed to get some things, and I was so drugged up it didn't matter to me.  And I got to ride in the scooter.  So that was pretty awesome. ;) 

Foot is healing up nicely.  Happy there are no more screws in it, and I should be back in shoes in two weeks.  Running and jumping in six to eight! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

California Trip + Amazing Race Audition

(I'll fill in all the details soon...but pictures for now.)


Brunch on Union Square, followed by a 3 hour drive to Tahoe.

 First stop:  relaxing on the rocks - looking at the most beautiful lake.

Sunset over Tahoe.  

 Sunday drive to Squaw

Waiting in line to take the tram up to the top

Drove from Squaw back to Bay Area

Bike ride to dinner in Mountain View

Wembley tried to come home with me

Flew from San Jose back to KC