Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

These first two pictures are atually from the day before Easter Sunday, but they are too cute not to share.  On Satuday, my mom decided she wanted to take the dogs AND my niece for a walk.  This was the first official meeting between my two big dogs (90lb. labradors) and my 6 month old niece. 

As you can see below, Willow kindly greeted Hadley with a big, wet kiss across the face! 

Poor Hadley didn't know what to think after that, haha!  She didn't cry or anything, and I don't think it scared her...she just looked really confused!


My family celebrated Easter this year by going to church together and then we all had a big lunch back at my house.

Somehow I forgot to take pictures of the massive amount of food we had.  We will all be eating leftovers for a good couple of weeks at least!

I'm pretty sure my cute little niece inherited my crazy, curly hair :)

And here is "the happy couple" - less than ONE WEEK away from their WEDDING DAY!!