Thursday, July 31, 2014

July: the 2nd half

Monday, July 14th:

My first day of getting up at the crack of dawn (literally) to work out.  

Getting up early (4:50am) sucks, but it feels so good to actually be able to work out again!

SWEAT. (my new gym!)


Monday was a good mail day!  

AFAR and TIME magazines, plus my monthly Birchbox!

 But that wasn't all for the mail. These were also on the doorstep when I got home from work!

A "Thank You" gift from Shannon.  I sent her an Amazon gift card as a "Thank You" to her and she used it on flowers for me!  We're crazy.

Tuesday, July 15th:

I went to my first book signing event.

A House In The Sky by Amanda Lindhout was such a great book -- a true story about a young girl (my age) who loved to travel (like me) and was kidnapped and held in Somalia for over a year.  Her story is seriously crazy.  Awesome to meet her and have her sign my book!  (And can't wait for the movie to come out next year!)

Wednesday, July 16th:

Add it to the list:  Keswick Island, Australia

Wednesday night, I got home and my mom surprised me with this globe!  

I'm slightly obsessed with globes and maps (and anything travel related).  Christa found this cool black one at an antique store, and she told me (liar!) that it was gone when she went back to get it for me.  Turned out my mom had asked her to get it so she could surprise me with it. :)

Thursday, July 17th:

Foot update!  

It's still swollen and still not it's normal color...but it doesn't hurt so I won't complain!

I was in Charlotte, NC, visiting my best friend for her wedding shower Thursday night - Sunday night.

Monday, July 21st:

I got what is quite possibly the coolest wedding invitation ever made:

A box, tied with twine and a twig...


...with a picture of the happy couple and an invitation inside, along with a box full of twigs and moss.  

Seriously.  The coolest.

Tuesday, July 22nd:

I love my lillies Shannon sent!  I sent her this pic to cheer her up.

How can you not smile at these!?

Also from Tuesday:

I bought these shoes in Charlotte because they were cute AND I thought they would cover up my scar perfectly.  

Oops.  Guess that didn't quite work out!  So close!

Tuesday night, I went shopping (again) out at the Legends Outlets.  New shoes this time!  

My options are always limited to whatever comes in WIDE width, but this time I found a pair of 4E width shoes in mens - for once a shoe that is actually wide enough for my fat feet!

Wednesday, July 23rd:

Kelli got me a new water bottle for me to bring to my workout classes in the mornings.

So cute, and so thoughtful! :)

Pics from early morning workout class at SWEAT!

Thursday, July 24th:


Kels and I in our rowing days - freshman year of college

Also from Thursday, the TOMS I ordered for my niece, Allie, came in the mail.

I mean, the girl can not start middle school next month without a pair of TOMS painted all cool by her mom!

Friday, July 25th:

A pic to show Shannon my other super cute scarf she got me for my birthday.

(Yes, I'm obsessed with scarves.)

Friday night, I got bored and decided to change out the decor in the family room. 
 New pillows and new art work -- all maps.  Duh!

Saturday, July 26th:

I went to the free yoga class at Athleta, and then did some shopping after. Of course.  (They're brilliant for having free classes there.  Everyone shops afterwards.) 

I got a new pair of swimsuit bottoms that were on clearance at Athleta, and then returned my pants I got at LuluLemon in Charlotte for a smaller size.  Those Wunder Under pants really stretch!

On my way home from the plaza, I decided on a whim to follow the signs to an estate sale and check it out.

I think it's so odd that people just open up their house and let you walk around and basically take what you want!

I ended up buying 10 old books -- all travel related -- just for decoration.  
Not really for reading purposes. :)

Don't they look good up there?

And I finally got rid of the glass coffee table I've never liked and am just using the ottoman from India for now.  I don't think it's big enough, and it isn't really very functional, but it's going to stay.

I also got rid of the candles that were on the top shelves and replaced them with more things from my travels:  a coffee pot from Ethiopia (they have coffee ceremonies for everything), and a wood carved figuring from India.

Sunday, July 27th:

Sunday afternoon, I took a break from re-decorating and took my girls to the dog park for a run /swim.

Sunday evening:

Shopping!  (I see a theme here...I shop too much.)

Stone wash denim jeans (YES!) and wedges that were just too cute to pass up.

I swear I rarely go to a store just to shop for clothes.  I always have something else in mind - something else I'm looking for - and then I end up with new jeans and shoes.  Ugh.

Monday, July 28th:

It was finally time for Brody's 8th birthday present (only 27 days late):  a trip to Legoland!

He absolutely loved it.  Much more than last time.  He's really in to legos right now, so it really was perfect.  

It made me so happy to see him having so much fun.  I hope he always remembers these fun things we do and doesn't wish I would just get him toys intead, haha!  (Although I did break down and buy him a $6 keychain that I'm sure he's already lost.)

On a side note:  Who spends 145 hours (HOURS, people) on building a Merlin out of legos??  That's insane.  For real.

Also insane?  This guys hair cut.  A spiked mohawk with a curly rat tail.  Freaked me out.

After an hour and a half at LegoLand (I had to drag them away from building and racing car after car after car) we ended up at Pizza Street for dinner.  Could they have picked a more unhealthy, grease filled place to eat??  Kids...

They went for the dessert pizza and the ice cream, so they said.  But I know why they really went.  For the arcade games.  

They each got $1 for games and $0.50 for the little machines you crank and it spits out the most worthless toy ever.  Neither of them even wanted what they got, haha.  

And yes, I realize I'm the cheapest Aunt ever.  $1.50 each?  I think they thought I was joking.  I wasn't.

Either way, they both had a blast and were such good kids the whole time.  Brody actually yelled he had, "LOTS of tons of fun" as he was skipping to the car with a big grin on his face.  Priceless, in my book. :)

Tuesday, July 29th:

I got an email from Angie (whose wedding I'm in in September) with details on what she wanted us to wear for her hippie/chic/bohemian wedding in the mountains.

White.  Long.  Hippie/Boho style.  With flower crowns in our hair.

These were my inspiration (as approved by her):

  Bridesmaid dress shopping extravaganza!  I got right down to business as soon as I had a free evening to make it to the mall.

These first three (all from Deb) were out right away.  No good.

This one (also from Deb) was a maybe:

Then I went to Windsor and found three more!

Least favorite (I hate strapless anything):

Second favorite:

And my favorite -- and possibly the winner (for now anyways):

I sent pics to Angie (hence all these pictures from my phone) and she loved it.  I think she used the words "obsessed with that crop top" in her response. :)

The only thing I don't like is that the slip underneath isn't long like the skirt, 
but I think that might be an easy fix.  

Up close of the lace:

The back is my favorite part! 

Tuesday night, my roommate got tired of me complaining about not being able to figure out how to get the legs on the new book end table I bought awhile back, so we went to Hope Depot and he got to work on it!  Such a good roommate! :)

 Wednesday, July 30th:

Another fun visit with my CASA kids!

(ie:  Another crazy hair pulling event.  The girl loves my hair.  And taking pictures with my iPhone.)

Thursday, July 31st:

My dogs decided this poor baby bunny was their new squeak toy after their morning walk.

Ugh.  Made me sick!  I really thought he was going to die...but he eventually came around a little and started moving.  He was so tiny his eyes weren't even open yet, and he was barely breathing.  I put him in a shoe box and took him to a wildlife animal rescue place down the street and am hoping he pulls through!

Thursday night was the JT concert downtown.  Kelli and I couldn't find cheap enough tickets, so I ate liquid cheese to make me feel better. :)

I can't believe July is over -- and summer is almost gone! :(