Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Recap

  • Hadley came down to see me and play on my scooter -- for the last time.  I got rid of that thing in May!  (FINALLY!)

  • I watched Hunter a few Saturdays.  And for some reason, I just can't help myself with the picture taking when he is asleep in my bed.  He's just too cute when he sleeps!

  • We went out for dinner at Carmen's Cafe in Brookside for Christa's birthday.  I tried to do my hair with the hair straightener I bought in Vegas...and while it turned out looking okay, it certainly is no where close to how they made it look!  What gives

I was really hungry AND wanted enough for leftovers during the ordered TWO meals.  You should have seen the waitress' face when I told her what I wanted. 

All the girls together!  Happy Birthday, Christa! 

  • On the morning of Thursday, May 8th, I was hopping down the stairs to the kitchen.  Hopping on one leg, that is.  Oh, AND using one crutch.  NOT a good idea.  I wasn't holding the crutch up high enough, and it hit the step behind me before my foot did, propelling me forward.  I reached around with my free right hand over to the hand rail on the left side - protecting my broken foot - and smacked my nose on the hand rail.  And by "smacked" I mean I hit it so hard I broke my nose and damaged the cartilage.  And had to have surgery that morning.  Yay for nose jobs!  Okay, not really.  It sucked.  Like, really sucked for the first two weeks.  I took multiple selfies the first couple of days to send to my mom - who was freaking out.  As it started healing, I took one every morning and sent it to her for her "morning update" on me.  Hence, all the pictures of my face below!
The worst it got is the bottom right picture in the above collage.  My eyes were almost swollen shut!  This was the Saturday after the surgery I think. 
Bottom right pic is two weeks after the surgery, and my black eyes were almost gone!

  • Just some more random pictures from Instagram of places that I want to go to.  Add them to the list.  I better get to traveling again if I want to see all these places before I die!
Samoa and Australia

  • I couldn't get Hunter to eat a bite for his dinner on my weekly visit, but after bath time, he decided he wanted not one but two bowls of Rice Krispies!

  • My sis-in-law Kelli was so sweet and took good care of me during my nose recovery.  She even let Hadley re-gift her Mothers Day present to me: a jar with tissue paper glued to it and topped off with a weed in it from the back yard!  How lovely! 
(And I didn't keep it, but it was a sweet gesture of Hadley to make me feel better!)

  • 5 days post-op and I went back to the Dr. to remove the cast.  I saw all these tools out and got a little nervous.  It didn't hurt that bad, but it certainly didn't feel good!

  • My May Birchbox came!  I LOVED the Miss Jessie's Quick Curls and have since used all of that and bought my own bottle!  Big fan of that BB cream, too, but haven't tried the other things yet.  My bathroom counter looks like a drug-store!  One whole side of it is lined with little samples from these boxes!

  • I ordered some new pillow cases for my couch downstairs.  I'm eventually going to turn it in to more of a travel (ie MAP) themed room I think.  So when I found these on Etsy, I knew I had to have them!  I LOVE them, but don't have them out yet.  Waiting for some new art-work to catch my eye first!

  • Travel & Leasure magazine.  It kills me every month...       Yes, add these to the list, too.

  • I went shopping one evening and somehow decided that this shirt (below, left) was a good purchase for $40??  What the....?  I don't know where you would ever wear that.  Needless to say, it went back to the store once I came to my senses.  
          The cardigan (below, right) came from my monthly "shopping" at Christa's house when she gets rid of things she doesn't want anymore.  It's one of my new favorites! 

  • I bought a couple of new purses from The Sak this month.  While I was really excited to see them both, I was highly disapointed when they came.  The one on the left was too big and the strap was too long, and the one on the right...well, I just didn't like it!  They both went back to the store, which was good because they weren't cheap!

  • Lunch at Minsky's with my brother and the cutest two year old I know!  Hunter and I did some serious coloring before the pizza came.  Oh and the pizza?  Yea, I hate FOUR slices.  So much for watching what I eat since I can't work out!  

  • I absolutely could not stand the smell of my dogs anymore, and bathing them myself wasn't going to happen on one leg, so I caved and took them to Petsmart for some grooming.  When I picked them up (FOUR hours later!) they came back smelling good and with little "Pawgress" Report Cards!  How cute is that!?

  • While I was babysitting Hunter, Kelli met me at the park with my other niece/nephew.  I'm one lucky aunt if you ask me!
(Don't mind the black eyes...)

We went to dinner at Dos Reales after the park...and I had a big greasy burrito covered in liquid cheese. Aaaahhmazing. And went well with the pizza I had earlier in the day, haha!

of course I brought the iPad to entertain the kids while we waited for the food.  Seriously.  What did parents do without these things!?

  • Did some yard work over the weekend.  Trimming back these hedges was a lot of work!  Still have some to go in the pic.  Should have done a before and after, but I did some pretty solid cutting on those things!

  • Kelli invited me down for dinner one evening, and dessert was none other than microwave made smores!  Hadley was a big fan.

Hudson?  Well, he was just his normal little happy self.  
Chunky thigh rolls and all. 

  • This was one of last months Birchbox finds, and I love it.  I took this pic to show Christa...and have since bought a bigger tube of it!

  • On my way to work one morning, I had a hard time getting through my street thanks to all of these big geese just chilling in the middle of the road.  They did not care about me trying to get me and I actually had to go around them!

  • Hunter's new thing is asking for "pawk pees" - ie he wants to go to the park please!  It's the cutest thing ever.  And there is no way anyone could tell him now. (Well, I couldn't anyways!)

Tony was chasing him down the slide and pretty much got stuck at the end, hahaha.  I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

  • Hadley and I made a wind sock from the May Kiwi Crate, and this was the best smile I could get when I asked for a picture of her with it.  Also, that was the last month for my Kiwi Crate subscription.  While I think she enjoyed it, she really just enjoyed me coming down to play with her more, and most of the activities were just a little over her head.  I think I'll wait six months or so and then re-order if she still want it.

  • I channeled my inner Martha Stewart (which is non-existent) and cut some peonies and roses from my garden and put them in a vase for Kelli for taking care of me when I broke my nose.  Not going to lie, I was pretty proud of how they turned out!

  • 9 weeks post op and the Dr. finally let me try out walking in some shoes!  It didn't last long, as my leg is super weak and sore, but it was fun to be back in summer sandals for a bit!

  • Sunsets.  I'm obsesssed.  That's all I can say.  

  • When Christa was curling my hair back in GB over the weekend, she burnt me!  I didn't realize what the spot on my forehead was the next day until I remembered that curling stick getting a little too close to my skin, haha!  I sent her this pic to show her.

  • I don't remember why I took this picture.  Maybe this was my first day back at work with two shoes and no boot?

  • I think my cheap Wal-Mart blender is about to get replaced.  I tried to throw some kale in my morning fruit smoothie, and it was so chunky I couldn't even drink it!

  • Left-overs from Kelli -- and just as good on day 2!  She's been feeding me a lot this month since my mom is back home and Lord knows I don't cook for myself!

  • These last four pictures were taken on the same evening (Friday, May 30th).  After the spectacular rainbow came an outrageous sunset.  I know I shouldn't be taking pictures while I drive (especially down the interstate), but seriously.  Look how beautiful it was! I couldn't help myself!