Monday, September 30, 2013

September Phone Dump

There is a lot of randomness in this post...and the pictures aren't necessarily in chronological order...  It's just a big mess!
  •  Date night at Dos Reales.  I was craving some Mexican food, and wanted an excuse to finally wear my India pants in public.  I think they're awesome -- although a little see through.   

See that mark in the middle?  That was from my tongue as I licked the bowl clean.
Matt promptly took it away from me.  Apparently I was embarrassing him?? ;)
Date night at Gaslight Grill in Leawood.  We had a groupon that was about to expire, so I finally talked Matt in to going.  Food was really good.  Atmosphere...not so much.  It was  giant space with no decorations or character.  And it was practically empty when we went.  We were one of three tables there!

The empty restaurant.
  • Weekly Tuesday night dinner at my brothers.  I was getting ready to go for a run, but Hunter decided he needed to wear my running shoes instead.  He was so cute trying to walk around in them!  He got them both on all by himself!

I later made him try on his dog Halloween costuem.  He wasn't too thrilled about it, but I think he's going to be the cutest little dog ever! :)

  • New furniture.  I bought this ottoman at Home Goods and can't decide what to do with it.  I really love it - it's handpainted in India and just beautiful and different.  I had to have it as soon as I saw it.  But since being home, it's already been  moved in several different spots.  I really don't want to take it back, but also really don't know where to put it!             Decisions, decisions...

By itself - instead of the old coffee table?  (too small)

With the coffee table?  (too crowded)

  • iPhone 5S.  I was so excited about this phone - mainly for the camera/flash updates.  I had heard the lines were absurd at the Apple stores in KC, but happened to come across a Huffington Post article online that said to skip the lines and still get the iPhone on day 1, try Radio Shack.  There just happens to be one right down the street from where I work, and sure enough, they had just what I wanted.  I was in and out of there in under 30 mintes.  No line whatsoever, with a cool new phone and new case in hand! 

  • New Camera.  With that new iPhone came my new camera!  I think it's a lot better than th 4S that I previously had.  The beautiful Kansas susnet was the perfect chance to try it out - and it didn't disapoint!

  • Carrot Cake.  I went to dinner over at Matt's house for dinner one Saturday evening that his parents were in town and had invited a couple of people over.  Somehow I forgot to take many pictures.  The food was all great...but the DESSERT.  Whoa buddy.  Best carrot cake I've ever had.  Hands down.  I actually made myself sick from eating such a giant piece.  But it was worth it.  That's how good it was.

  • Hands full.  One Sunday afternoon, I got Hunter for a few hours while Tony and Christa did some shopping.  And when Hadley found out he was going to be at my house, she wa so excited to see him that she wanted to come over, too.  It was my first time with both of them, and I think I did pretty well!  No tears anyways, so I'll call that a success.

Once Hadley went home for a nap, Hunter and I had some fun with my glass coffee table.  He was on top of it and I was underneath.  He thought it was just hilarious -- and frankly, so did I. :) 

  • Caught in a storm.  I knew it was supposed to rain one evening, but I thought I had time to get a quick 5 mile run in.  Nope.  Wrong.  As soon as I got about 2 miles away, a monsoon hit.  For real.  I tried to wait it out (for about 10 minutes) under an over-hang at a ware house, but it wasn't letting up.  With no choice, I took off running (SPRINTING) home.  I was dripping wet.  Soaked all the way through everything - and not happy - by the time I made it in the door.

  • Apparently I didn't learn my lesson the first time.  I got caught in another rain storm and had to call my mom for the rescue.  I dried out and tried again a few hours later.

Rainy morning...

Sunny afternoon!

  •  Marathon Training.  18 miles.  14 miles.  22 miles.  12 miles.  Saturday mornings in September were not cool!

  • Speaking of marathon training ... it's tearing me up!  I have a mole (gross, I know) that just happens to be right where my bra line is.  After a run one day, I looked down to see that it was actually bleeding.  Yikes.  I now run with a band-aid over it.  And somehow, I can't get rid of blisters on my feet.  Theyr'e alwasy popping up in a new spot, I swear...

  • Shopping.  I literally went to just about every home goods store in the area for about two weeks straight ...  Macy's, Sears, JC Penny, Target, Wal-Mart, Kohls, Marshalls, Bed Bath & Beyond... looking for the perfect color of green towels for my bathroom.  I got the new rugs at K-Mart and really like them, but I didn't like the matching towels.  I ended up with these and had the piece sewn on the bottom to match my shower curtain.  They look better in person.  From the looks of this picutre, it doesn't look like they go at all!

And you know what else I found at K-Mart?  This ridiculously awesome t-shirt.  For $3!!

                                                    You better believe I bought that!

  •  I'm slowly finding spots to put some of my stuff from India.  This is one of my favorite pieces, and although I couldn't find a good home for it, I think it will work on the end of my bed for now.  I love the colors and all of the intricate pieces are just beautiful!

  • Hunter went home to Great Bend one weekend, so I tried FaceTime with him.  He wasn't much of a fan.  He kept trying to put the iPad down and flip it over -- apparently to see where I was, haha!  He wouldn't talk much or say bye...until I turned it off.  Then my mom said he smiled and waived really big and said, "BYYEEE!!"

  • Westport Art Fair.  After a quick dinner at Port Fonda, Matt and I strolled through the blocked off streets of Westport lined with booths.  I actually found a couple of things I really liked.  Too bad I don't have a couple grand to shell out for them!  That stuff was so expensive!

The above pictures are a sampling of the items I was too poor to buy

We ended the night with PeachWave frozen yogurts.
Can you guess who was healthy and who was not? ;)
  • Old friends.  My good friend from high school (who lives in Topeka) came to visit me one Sunday afternoon, and brought her two littles with her!  Micah and Miley were too cute and so much fun!

And of course it was great to catch up with Jaime, too! :)
  • Our Halloween costumes are beginning to come together.  Kind of.  We've pretty much decided on me being Little Mermaid and Matt being King Triton (Ariel's dad).  Something similar to this: 

Either that, or Little Mermaid and Sebastian (below):

How funny would this be!? ;)

 So I bought some seashells from Hobby Lobby and gave Christa a picture I found online for inspiration.  We'll see what she comes up with.  (I know it will be amazing!)

  • Harvest of Talents.  Matt and I are planning on driving to Lincoln, Illinois, next month for his great-Aunt's "Harvest of Talents" event. They raise money for hunger relief projects world wide.  Since I'm not creative or crafty enough to actually make anything, I decided I would donate some of my items from my travels:  chopsticks from Beijing, a bag with an elephant in it from India, tire sandals from Haiti, a bag and wooden cross from Ethiopia, oven mits from Uganda, and a hand-painted piece from Egypt.