Friday, September 6, 2013

Allie - 11

How did this happen? 

How did Allie go from this cute little 6 year old... this beautiful 11 year old...

... in what seems like no time at all!? 

She's not even my kid and I get a little nostalgic looking at these pictures, haha!

(I think it's worth noting that she got a pretty bad case of poison ivy from that bottom picture.  Oh the price we pay for a good shot... ;) )

Allie turned 11 (E L E V E N) while I was in India.  She's seriously growing up.  And she's such a well-rounded, very smart, outgoing, athletic, fun loving, creative, sweet little soul.  I'm so happy I get to be a small part of this girls life. :)

I was super bummed to miss her big Hawaiian luau party this year.  I mean, why couldn't she just wait to throw her birthday bash until I was back from India!?  Ugh. 

It was her first girl AND BOY party, and she sent out LOTS of invitations.  Cutest hand-made things you've ever seen (of course).  I would expect nothing less from her.

I still can't believe she made these.  Too cute!
The party was a success, from what I heard.  I provided the music, per Allie's request.  Since I didn't have time to make her a playlist before I went to India, I bought her the Now That's What I Call Music CD's -- the latest two versions.  They had a lot of the top hits, which is what she wanted.

Apparently, the "top hits" that I thought were fine were completely inappropriate according to my brother.  After a few songs, the cd's went off and the radio went on, haha.  Which played the same songs that were on the cd's anyways!  Ha - oh well.  I tried...

Cutest little family ever.                       Check out that CAKE!!

Christa made this for pictures at the party.  So awesome!

So since I didn't get to celebrate with her at her party, I still got her a couple small things.  I know, I know. I don't usually get presents.  I choose to spend time and do something fun with the kids instead.  But this year there were things I just couldn't pass up.  So she got a little something to open.

  •   There was a Groupon for a ridiculous set of makeup - every thing and every color you could imagine - for super cheap.  I had to get it.  Allie does her makeup (when she's allowed to wear it) better than I do.  I knew she would love it.  (She did.)

  •   A couple of months ago, I was at Barnes & Noble and got suckered in to buying a book from the author who was having a book signing.  It actually sounded like something she would enjoy, and he wrote her a note to her on the inside.  She loves to read, too, so I think it was an okay present.

The week of her birthday, I went to school to have lunch with her. It's something I've done the past couple of years (see 10 and 9 here), and she seemed semi-excited about it this year, too. 

She goes to middle school next year, so this might be it for lunch visits.  I think I'm getting less and less "cool" each year, haha.  She used to be super excited to see me and run up and give me a big hug.  But that's not cool when you're 11 and in 5th grade!

I brought her Subway, per her request, and we sat at the special visitor table.  I think more than anything she was just happy she didn't have to eat the school food.  Apparently it's gotten worse this year in an attempt to make it more healthy. 

I did still get a "thanks for coming" and a one-armed side hug before she lined up with the rest of her class.  Hey, I'll take it.  :)

(Turns out kids don't take the best quality's a little blurry.)

 Happy Birthday (a little late) to the most amazing 11 year old I know! 

 I sure do love this girl... 

(Thanks, Christa, for the majority of these pictures!  I think I can take credit for about 4 of them...)

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