Sunday, September 4, 2011

Allie - 9

My awesome niece, Allie, (well, step-niece if you want to get technical) turned 9 last week!  She's been part of our family for quite awhile now, and I think she's pretty much the coolest 9 year old around.

I went to her school to have lunch with her on Friday for her actual birthday.  I surprised her with a balloon, which I'm pretty sure she thought was cool.  She doesn't mind being the center of attention. ;)

It was a throw back to be eating school food in a school cafeteria again.  The food is still blah and the lunch ladies are still mean.  How do you expect a room full of 3rd graders to NOT talk while they're eating.  Come on.  That's absurd. 

On a side note, I freaking love 3rd graders.  I got so many compliments!  I'm fully aware it was just because I was the only young adult within a 300 yard radius, but just let me bask in my glory (from 8 year olds) for a moment.  The "She's so pretty," and "Are you a model?" comments totally made my day, haha.  Oh kids...they're great.  I'm now planning on going back to eat with her at least once a week -- or whenever I need a little self confidence boost. ;)

Later that night, I met Allie and her friend for dinner.  I said I would treat them to wherever they wanted to go.  And where did they choose?  Applebess.  Freaking Applebees.  Seriously.

Allie always dresses to impress, and tonight - her birthday - was not different.  She showed up in giant sunglasses and high heels.  No joke.  I couldn't laugh, because she obvioulsy was strutting her stuff and loving it, but it was hilarious.  9 going on 19 for sure.

The girls had fun at dinner, and the staff even sang to her and gave her a free dessert (which she also loved). 


 I would call that a pretty solid birthday, but the party wasn't over yet.  On Sunday, we had a little family get-together at her house and celebrated her awesomeness some more!  She's one lucky and very loved 9 year old...

No, she doesn't need glasses. She just wears them to "look cool"

Here's to another awesome year with an awesome little lady!!

 Happy Birthday, Allie! :)

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