Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Last Saturday was crazy.  Not only was my first newphew born (that I almost missed), but we also had a big Halloween party at Matt's house later that night!

Matt was Miss Piggy (??), and I was PowerCat woman.  (Like, cat woman, but for the K-State Wildcats...)  Christa helped me out with made the costume.  She always saves the day!

 (I wish I had better, up close pictures of my costuem.  Christa even painted purple gliter nails on the black gloves!) 

Anyways, the party was lots of fun.  And it got a little crazy...

It's powdered sugar - I PROMISE.

The rest of the pictures are either blurry or not blog appropriate. 

Good times!  Can't wait for a repeat party next year!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Newest Keeler

Hunter Eldon Keeler

Born on Saturday, October 29th at 6:54pm.  8 lbs 13oz, 20 in. long, and cute as can be!

Already a KSU fan, of course!

When I ever get the time, I'll update this with his birth story.  Hunter's momma (my sis-in-law) let me be in the room and watch the entire thing...seriously.  We're on a whole new level of closeness after that!


**Update:  Since it's been months and I haven't gotten around to writing about this, I'll give a short version:

Christa went to the hospital Saturday morning.  She's been through this twice already, and thought it was time to go.  Once she got checked in, she wasn't dialted very much, so I didn't go up there yet.  This went on aaallll day long...progressing very slowly. 

I ate lunch, and checked my phone.  Cleaned the house, checked my phone.  Went for a run early evening, checked my phone.  I was the offical photographer for the event, so I had to be ready!  It sounded like things were getting a little closer, so I hopped in the shower.  I had a Halloween party to go to that night.  Got out of the shower, checked my phone.  Had a voicemail that said I should probably start heading up to the hospital.  It didn't sound urgent at all, so I got dressed, put on makeup, and started drying my hair. 

Checked my phone when I was done and...woops!  Three voicemails from my brother.  GET. HERE. NOW.  Holy cow!  How did THAT happen!?  It had been going so slowly all day, and now all of a sudden she was actually going to have the baby!?  I've never been so nervous in my life.  I literally ran to the car, and FLEW down 75the street to the hospital.  I ran two red lights and even passed someone in the turning lane that was driving too slow for me.  I had a birth to get to!

Sprinted in the hospital and ran down the hallway, camera in hand.  When I finaly got in the room, I got a disgusted look from my brother, and my poor sister in law was laying there with her legs crossed over, basically holding the baby in for ME.  "YOU DID YOUR HAIR AND PUT MAKEUP ON WHILE I WAS HOLDING THIS BABY IN!?  OOOOH YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO LIVE THIS ONE DOWN!"  Haha - thankfully she was in pretty good spirits thanks to an epidural, so I wasn't in TOO much trouble.  I still felt awful though. 

The doctor came back in just a couple of minutes later (Christa literaly told the doctor she wouldn't push until I got there...).  She pulled the sheet back...and well, I won't go in to too much detail, but you could see the top of his head RIGHT THERE!  Two pushes and his head was out, face down.  The doctor tried to twist him around (and broke his collar bone in the process).  One more push, and he was completely out.  Just like that, another healthy baby boy was alive and kicking.

It was easily the most incredible thing I've ever seen, and I am forever grateful that Christa let me be in the room to witness it all.  And by "in the room" I really mean I was right over the doctors shoulders, in between her legs, with my eyes wide open!  Like I wrote earlier, we are on a-whole-nother level of closeness after that!