Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Last Saturday was crazy.  Not only was my first newphew born (that I almost missed), but we also had a big Halloween party at Matt's house later that night!

Matt was Miss Piggy (??), and I was PowerCat woman.  (Like, cat woman, but for the K-State Wildcats...)  Christa helped me out with made the costume.  She always saves the day!

 (I wish I had better, up close pictures of my costuem.  Christa even painted purple gliter nails on the black gloves!) 

Anyways, the party was lots of fun.  And it got a little crazy...

It's powdered sugar - I PROMISE.

The rest of the pictures are either blurry or not blog appropriate. 

Good times!  Can't wait for a repeat party next year!

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