Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lake Tahoe

My boss lives in Incline Village, NV, (Lake Tahoe) and also has a condo in Truckee, CA (about 20 minutes from the lake, up in the mountains).  It's a big tourist destination (because it's just gorgeous!) so he decided to host a little "all-company retreat" out there for all of his employees last week.

I flew in a day early to help get things set up.  One of his employees out there, Kelsey, picked me up at the airport.  After a Costco run to get food for everyone for the weekend, we went straight to the beach.  I had been DYING to see the lake!

That evening, we went to a barbeque at Kelsey's dad's house, and played some Cricket with the Aussie boys (one of whom is Kelsey's boyfriend).  I hadn't ever played cricket before, so when I hit the ball, I started running to where I thought "first base" was.  Well, turns out there aren't bases in cricket.  Everyone had a real good laugh about that one...

Stories still to come:

Company dinner - decorated cake with picture of boat sinking

Road bike ALL THE WAY around Lake Tahoe.  72 miles.

Hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing

Fell in love with Tahoe and...I'm staying for awhile. :)