Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Allie - 10

My niece, Allie, turned 10 over the weekend.  So just like last year, I went to have lunch with her at her school.  (Her birthday was Sunday, but I went Friday.)

No school food for us this year, though.  I had a special request for Subway from the birthday girl - which I'm sure beat the breakfast pizza from the cafeteria.  And of course I couldn't show up without a balloon!  The reception was a little different this year, though. She is definitely getting older and it's probably not "cool" to run up and hug anyone anymore, haha.  Oh well, I still love her!

The one thing that did not change from last year was me trying not to laugh when I saw her outfit.  It's September, mind you, and she was in her Christmas dress from the previous year (I think).  Black velvet on top, poofy red skirt with glitter on it -- and the kicker: a glittery poinsetta in her hair.  WOW.  I told her she looked very pretty, and she twirled around and grinned like, "Duh, I know!"  Ha - that girl is too much, I swear. ;)

Jaelyn's birthday was Friday, and she got to sit at the "parent" table and eat lunch with us.

I usually DO something with the kids for their birthdays, rather than get them something, and this year was no different.  But for some reason, I felt bad showing up empty handed at her school (besides the balloon).  So the day of, I bought a Groupon for a pottery painting class that I knew she wanted to do.  Score!  She loved it, it was cheap, AND it's something she can go do with her mom. :)

She also had an overnight stay at Coco Keys Water Park with Jaelyn for her birthday on Saturday night.  I was out of town and couldn't go to that (although I'm not sure I was invited, anyways), but she text me on Sunday and said "It was cool."  Add in plenty of Justice clothes and some awesome purple boots, and I'd say she had a pretty solid 10th birthday.


On a side note, the cutest baby ever (my nephew, Hunter) is now 10 months old!  He's hardly even a baby anymore!  He claps and waives and can walk behind a stroller. 
Man, do I love this little guy...

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