Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 1 - Kansas City to Amsterdam

My mom picked us up from work right at 3, and we took off for the airport. There was some construction, but thank goodness we didn't get stuck in it too long. I was already a little worried about time. Left at 3, 30 minutes to airport, have to go through check-in line (international flight), then through security line for 5pm departure. If lines were long, we might be cutting it close...but that didn't stop me from making Matt pose for a picture! He wasn't pleased about this shot, or the fact that it took FIVE tries to get it (my moms finger was covering half the photo in the first three takes), but I love it! I think we did pretty well on the packing for 10 days in Europe! We're not even checking a bag!!

I know I say this every time...but why in the world do I ever come to KC's airport more than 45 minutes before my plane leaves?! There was one person checking in when we got to the Delta counter. So that took all of 2 minutes. We stopped and bought some Kansas (as in KU - yuck!) tshirts for his friends we're meeting up with over there, and some candy, too. There is this one kind of Australian licorice that I am a absolutely obsessed with, and I only let myself eat it on trips. I almost ate the whole bag in 5 minutes. So delicious!!

There were maybe 5 people in front of us in line at security - same story as always. Bought a water, went to the bathroom, and sat down...with over an hour to wait. Blah.

The 1 hour, 25 minute flight to Minneapolis was on time and uneventful. We had Jimmy Johns deliver some sandwiches to work for us before we left, so we chowed down on those on the quick flight.

With only a 1 hour layover at MSP, we again thought we might be tight on time. We lucked out and the gate we arrived at was pretty close to our departing one. Had time to use the bathroom, grab some more drinks, and chill just for a few minutes before we started boarding.

Our seats were almost in the last row of the whole plane. Row 39 of 43. Not pumped about that. It takes forever to get off the plane. And I'm going to be anxious to get off in Amsterdam!

There were a lot of Europeans on the plane. I mean, I guess I don't know what I was expecting. We're going to Europe. But they're so easy to spot, with their different sense of style...

We popped some Benadryl as soon as we boarded in hopes of being knocked out soon. Matt took his contacts out, I washed my face...and we slept. :)

Well, I did anyways. Matt...not so much. Could of had something to do with me sleeping ON him the whole time. Delta is pretty rough and I wouldn't recommend flying it international. I mean, what kind of airline doesn't turn off the freaking lights on an overnight / international flight?! It was frustrating, but we made it to Amsterdam about 20 minutes early!

On to day two!! :)

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