Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 4 - Part 1 (Bremen to Hamburg)

Uuuggghhhh I feel like death!! Kind of worth it for last night though. As the only Americans still going strong at 4am, I think we represented our country well. And I haven't had that much fun dancing with Matt since our Vegas trip in January. Last night was hands down the craziest wedding party I have her been to. It didn't even really get started until 1ish. Easily the best wedding dj - or best wedding house/dance music I've ever heard. Matt and I were inspired (by amazing German music and some Cuban rum) to come up win our own new German dance move. We haven't named it yet, but its amazing. It even got a round of applause and a "bravo!" from the brides mom! Ha - so much fun last night...

I left sometime after 4, mainly because I knew I needed SOME sleep to be semi-functional today. Not because I was tired. You can't be tired with that kind of music flowing through you. It was like Vegas - without the pure oxygen. I got in bed right around 5am. Matt went back down to keep going, and came in the room at 6. Soooo when the alarm went off at 9, it was brutal. (Except for my text from my mom that said the 'Cats pulled off a BIG at OU last night!!)

Breakfast ended at 10, and the bride mom invited us and had paid extra to have our own buffet in the same room as the night before, so we had to go. (I had to return her sweater she let me wear at her house Friday night, too.)

Quick showers (like 5 minutes - tops) and we were out the door. Everyone else at breakfast looked so awake. And not hungover. I don't even remember the last time I felt this bad and got this little sleep. Probably Vegas last August, I guess!

Anyways, there was this giant spread of breakfast foods. I'm sure they were delicious. But everything was in German and my eyes weren't focusing. I felt like throwing up just looking at it! I talked myself in to some sort of granola-ish looking cereal. Turned out it had chocolate in it. Which I'm not a fan of. I tried a piece of bread with some sort of cherry jam and choked it down.

The nice room looking over the water was not as pleasant this morning with the sun glaring off the water, ha. (Okay, okay. I'm done with the negativity. I need an attitude adjustment!)

We went back up to the room to pack up. Had to be checked out by 11. I don't know how I got everything over here in that suitcase. It was not fitting back in. Did some serious rearranging - and shuffling stuff to Matt's suitcase and backpack, and we were good to go!

Denz wasn't feeling so hot today either. We had to have the maid let Matt in just to get him up, but he was hilarious once he got moving. And he enjoyed our leftover pastry from the day before! At least it didn't entirely go to waste.

It was interesting fitting all of our luggage in to the little Volkswagon Golf, but we eventually got it all in. With my suitcase in between Matt and Denz in the back seat. It's only for an hour to Hamburg. And we actually do get to drive on the autobahn!

We checked out and were on be road by 11:15. Not bad. Much earlier than I expected! Cranked the dance tunes and just rocked out with our own mini dance party when a good song came on - flying down the autobahn. It was awesome. (And the only way we were all going to stay awake.) Pedal to the floor - literally - going 125mph in the SLOW lane. No joke. I wanted to get a pock of the no speed limit sign, bur we were going way too fast to get it. Might be highlight of the day, ha. I love me some speed and good tunes!! :)

200 kph = 125mph

All was going well until we hit traffic. Like, not moving traffic. I guess an accident or something? I can't imagine why. Hundreds of cars flying with no speed limit? Yea, that's safe. ;) But we did make it safely to Hamburg around 1pm and found the train station with no problem. We're at a little coffee shop now with free wifi (of course the boys needed caffeine!) so I thought I would take advantage of that and just post this half-day update.

Coffee for the hungover boys, and free wifi for me!

We're taking a train to Berlin in a couple hours and will check in at our airport hotel, and probably head in to the city to explore...

Will write more when I can! :)

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