Monday, July 9, 2012

Brody - 6

My sweet little nephew, Brody, turned 6 last week.  I was out of town, so the following weekend I took him to Lego Land to celebrate.  AND I took Allie to Sea Life Aquarium at the same time for her birthday (coming up in September).  Killed two birds with one stone - and they each got to go to both places.  

Hunter just couldn't manage to stay awak for the aquarium...

The aquarium was actually pretty cool.  I thought it was interesting, they had great exhibits, and the kids loved it.  I was impressed.  For KC, it was pretty good!  (Word of advice, if you're going: buy your tickets online ahead of time and avoid the loooooong lines.)

Lego Land, on the other hand, was pretty over-rated.  I don't think either of the kids thought it was too spectacular.  And actually, Allie enjoyed it more than Brody.  She made a race car and we rode some rides, but that was about it.  It was a zoo.


Brody did have an actual birthday party this year, too.  It was at the bowling alley, and while I was planning on attending, I ended up putting together a NEW TRAMPOLINE instead.  My mom bought it for him and Allie for their birthdays.  So while everyone was enjoying the air condtioned bowling alley and celebrating with cake, Tony and I (and Matt) were sweating to death putting together a trampline on the hottest day of the year.  No joke.

All the hard work (and sweat - lots of sweat) was totally worth it when they got home, though.  They were both shocked and love their new trampoline!  :)


SIDE NOTE:  This little guy isn't so little anymore.  Hunter is 8 months old!  He seriously is the happiest little baby I've ever seen...

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