Monday, July 14, 2014

July: the first two weeks

Monday, June 30th
(I guess this technically doesn't fall under "July" but it's going here anyways!)

I sent this pic to Shannon, showing off my new scarf she got me for my birthday. 
 It might be my new favorite.

When I got home from work, I had quite the surprise.

LOOK at this cake my sister-in-law and niece made!!!!!

Could they be any more crafty and creative (or any cuter)??

I mean, come on.  How ridiculously awesome is that thing!?  ^^^
And it was delicious strawberry cake, to boot!

Hands down the coolest cake I've ever seen...and it was all for ME, with a little heart over my favorite place:  Africa. :)

Let's not forget the card -- obviously decorated courtesy of Hunter!

I was in short supply of chairs for my whole family, so we improvised with desk chairs, book tables...and the very popular exercise ball.  Brody won the battle to get to sit on it for dinner, but we actually ended up not needing it.

Tony got to grill the burgers in the 90-something degree heat, while everyone else relaxed inside.

Snapped a few pics, and then we all sat down to eat.

(Hadley refused to take a pic with me.)

My whole family ^^

I refused to let anyone leave before *Family Picture Time* -- I love it, most everyone else hates it when I whip out my camera and set up the tripod.  

These turned out surprisingly well considering everyone is looking and even semi-smiling, including the three littlest ones!

Brody insisted on a silly face photo, which I think we will have to add to the photo rotation going forward.  

How hilarious is this!?  

Tuesday, July 1st

Brody turned 8!  I couldn't let his special day go by without seeing him, so I drove out to his house and took him and his neighbor friend out for some ice cream.

He's seriously got to be the sweetest 8 year old around.  
And definitely the one with the longest eyelashes!

He is super in to Lego's right now, so I am planning on taking him to LegoLand for his birthday, per his request!  
(I let the kids pick what they want to do for their birthdays.)

Wednesday, July 2nd

Just a couple of random pictures:

A beautiful morning rainbow + sunrise combo

And my lunch for the day:

I was back in Tahoe Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the 4th of July holiday weekend.

Monday, July 7th

It was a beautiful evening, so Tony and I took Brody and Hunter (and Riley Jo) on a walk to the park.

Tony decided to take Rily Jo down the slide.  Now that was something to see, haha!

Tuesday, July 8th

The neighborhood fox made another appearance.  
He's been popping up in our yards for a few days now, and I finally caught him on camera!

Wednesday, July 9th

I went out to visit my two CASA kids again, and of course the little girl had to do my hair.  She said she wanted to braid it, and when I asked her if she knew how to braid, she said, "Umm, I think so?"  It turned out to be more of a twist, but whatever. 

Pictures courtesy of my 5 year old girl.  (She loves the iPhone!)

Thursday, July 10th

I picked up my bridesmaid dress for my friends wedding I am in in October.  
Might have to get some alterations done (ie I am so flat I can't keep a strapless dress up), but I'm hoping some tape and a padded bra might do the trick! 

Friday, July 11th

And this is why I hate quarter end:

(And this wasn't even all of it!  Ugh.  Shoot me now.)

Friday night, I made a spur of the moment trip out The Legends outlets.  I haven't been out there in a  l o n g  time and generally don't find much out there I like, but I made some purchases at the Nike Outlet this time.  Now that I can work out again, I need some cute  new outfits!

Sunset behind a fountain at The Legends.

Saturday, July 12th

Saturday morning:  free yoga class at Athleta!

(I'm in the red top in the back row)

Saturday afternoon:  I took the dogs to the Shawnee Mission Dog Park.  I mean, it was only fair since I got to spend two fun weekends at the lake.  Now it was their turn!

They love love LOVED swimming and chasing the ball out there!

Saturday night:  My friend from high school had  bachelorette party at the Power and Light District.

I put some hot rollers in my hair, and this is what it looked like when I took them out:
Yikes! ^^

Thankfully, it tamed down.

Group shot with all the Ellinwood High School girls:

Group shot of EVERYONE:

We had dinner at BRGR, and then went to Howl at the Moon for the rest of the night.

Randine loves to dance, so this was perfect for her.  
It didn't take long for her to get up on the stage to get the party started!

Soon, Lacy was up there, too!

Sunday, July 13th

Free barre class at Athleta put on by Studio 7 Pilates/Barre.

I was a little skeptical of a barre/ballet class, but man, it was tough.  We were basically in a plie/squat position for half of the class!

The next two pictures are pretty gross, but hey, they were on my phone, so here they are!

Thursday night, Willow ate a dead bird.  I was yelling at her to stop, but she wasn't listening and there was NO way I was actually going to go rip it out of her mouth.  I'm not touching that thing!  So I basically just ran around like a crazy lady yelling at her, but not wanting to get close enough to hear her crunching the bones.  So, yea, she puked that up on Sunday.  The whole bird, right in front of my bedroom door.  Awesome.

Almost as gross, I woke up Sunday morning with little bites all over my stomach.  And they itched, bad.  After a quick trip to the CVS Minute Clinic, the doctor said I probably had some bug(s) crawling on me that "had me for lunch!!"  Ummm...gross.

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