Wednesday, July 9, 2014

More boating on Tahoe...

Day 2 on the boat was a repeat of Day 1:  up early and out on the calm, clear water before everyone else.

It was such a perfect, peaceful morning.

We went over to the north-west part of the lake, where the water is the deepest blue, and decided to do some more wakeboarding.

Ryan got fancy and did some jumping this time!

After a little coaxing, I went next.  I wasn't sure how my foot was going to do on the board, but it was totally fine.  The only bad part was how freaking COLD the water was!

Yea, I'm definitely yelling some bad words about how cold it was.

I got up the first try, but it definitely took me awhile to figure out what I was supposed to be doing.  I mean, I only do this once a year now!  

I went for awhile and eventually fell, so I had to give it another shot.

I told Shannon I wanted to try and get outside the wake this she went ahead and started me sideways so I was already outside the wake when I got up!  That kind of freaked me out and I couldn't get back in (I'm really not a very good wakboarder), so I eventually just gave up and let go.  I was tired and freezing cold anyways...

Shannon went next.  She always  makes it look so easy - and never falls!

I couldn't get over how blue and clear the water was, so I made her stay in (and freeze) while I took pictures.

Ryan seemed to be immune to the sub-artctic water temperature, and requested a beer to drink while he treaded water around the boat.  Crazy.

(Just beautiful, right?)

We went back to the Hyatt to pick up Kelsey and her bf again mid-morning, and then went back to our Hidden Beach spot for the day.  It was too perfect yesterday to not go back!

We spent the afternoon there, and I did NOT have my phone out this time.  I mean, it was already melted, so I gave it a break and kept it in my bag.

Since the boat place was open today, we had an actual appointment to get the boat off the water late afternoon.  

When we got back to Incline, the beach was just a zoo - again.  I thought it might be better today, but no.

Our boat guy / trailer on the right!  Shannon nailed it, again!

There were duck races going on nearby, and Shannon had a couple of ducks in the running, so we had to go check that out.  And it was hilarious.  They dumped buckets full of little yellow rubber duckies in the river and then let them float down...v e r y   s l o w l y... to the finish line.  Shannon didn't win, but it was still entertaining to watch!

(Oh, I forgot to mention that Shannon's aunt LOVED the ridiculous cat shirt I got at Wal-Mart and brought out for Shannon to wear.  Like, legitimately loved it - not as a joke!)

Shannon and her aunt set up a little picnic spot in the shade to chat and enjoy the evening, while Ryan and I opted for naps on the beach.  I think we were the clear winners. ;)

It was getting late, and we didn't really have dinner plans, so we ended up at Austin's again.  I really thought we would make it up to the house at some point during the day to change clothes and clean up, but that just didn't happen.  From dinner, we went straight back down to the Hyatt pier for the surprise/secret fireworks show put on by Michael Milken.

I don't know how, but somehow, no one seems to know about this show that happens every year!  He puts on his own show for his birthday -- which is usually at least equal to if not better than the one Incline Village puts on.  I mean, you would think they would notice the other giant barge sitting in the water with the boats??  No?

Anyways, it was so glorious, I can't help but share A L L of these pictures of the show:  :)

The show was ridiculous.  For real.  The finale just blew us away.

And to top it off, when no one knows about the show, there isn't traffic to deal with!  So we went straight back to the house...and straight to bed!

What a day...  Three nights in Tahoe, and three fireworks shows that got better each night!

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