Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Shannon's Visit

My bestie from California came to visit me last weekend!  I haven't gotten out much since this stupid foot surgery, and have been dying for some entertainment.  Enter Shannon for the rescue! :)

She flew in Friday afternoon at 4. I raced through my work and left at 3:30...only to realize I had forgotten to do something important. So back to work we went once I picked her up to finish up.  

Then it was off to Whole Foods for some Justin's Almond Butter that she swears by, and steel cut oats - way better than the quick ones according to her.  (After taste testing - she is right on both accounts.)

On the drive home, we got to talking about foods and what we love but know we shouldn't, and the words "liquid cheese" came up.  Ooohh I love some liquid cheese queso at a little Mexican restaurant down the street from my house.  So that is exactly where we went.  Two bowls of liquid cheese later, and we were full.  (Talk about a splurge!)

After a quick stop at my brothers to introduce her to the kids, we finally made it to my house.  And Shannon came bearing gifts:  chocolate, apples, and California avocados!

We ended up going to the mall for some shopping later and then stayed up talking until 1am on Friday night.  We had lots to catch up on apparently!

Saturday morning we got up pretty early, had our steel cut oatmeal, and once the little rain storm blew through, drove downtown to the City Market Farmers Market.  I hadn't been in years and thought Shannon might enjoy checking it out.  

The place was really cool, and we both ended up making some purchases!

I bought local sweet potatoes, local grass fed beef, and some soaps and lotion from KC Soap Company.

Shannon got a marshmallow shooter and big wooden box from the Vietnam War in the 50's for her boyfriend, some soap and local jam for her mom...that might be it.  I feel like we bought more, but maybe not.  Either way, it was a really fun morning walking around down there and checking everything out!

Biggest carrots I've ever seen!

LOTS of produce

The sweet potatoes I bought

Shannon's marshmallow shooter (I tried to talk her out of it!)

KC Soap Company soaps

Boxes that transported goods during the war

A LOT heavier than it looks!

View of downtown from outside the market
When we got home from our morning excursion, my mom was out pulling weeds in the front yard.  Shannon took a picture (not sure why) and I am including it here (also not sure why).  :)

After some snacking and chatting at home, we went to Nordstrom Rack, Kohls, and then Costco for more shopping.  Shannon talked me in to buying a Sonicare toothbrush since they were on sale and she split it with me (two in a pack).  

The other thing Shannon talked me in to buying:  BAI - an energy drink (kind of).

It's not very good - and I now have 12 bottles of it.  Thanks a lot.
From there we went down to the Plaza for a very late lunch (3ish) at Mixx.  My mom loves that place and wanted Shannon to try it.  And since she was going along and buying, I didn't argue. :)

We were cutting it close on time after eating and went straight to Hamburger Mary's to meet Kathy and Randine for a little Drag Bingo.  Shannon works with transgenders at a prison in San Francisco, so when I told her that's where we were going, she said, "What!?  I came to Kansas to get away from them!" - Joking of course, but it was funny. :)

Hamburger Mary's has some intersting ways to pay Bingo -- and some interesting drinks, too!

Of course Shannon won the very first game -- and proceeded to make ME go up there to get the prize!  Then on my way back, everyone chanted some song and pelted me with their crumpled up losing bingo cards.  Seriously.  It was hilarious since I was on a scooter!

She won a little stuffed cat thing, some local gift certificates, and some sort of XO key chain.  SO funny.  (And even more funny that she is giving them all to her boyfriend as his gift from Kansas!)

The drag queen herself came over to sing and was so excited when she saw "Scooter Girl" again!

We were running low on bingo cards towards the end so we started playing with our fingers and only actually stamped the card if we got more than 4 squares right! Haha.  So cheap!

We didn't win any more rounds of Bingo, and we didn't win any of the raffle prizes - despite our ridiculous number of tickets!

That night we just hung out at the house and sat out on the back deck talking..until like 1am again I think, haha.  

Sunday morning we slept in.  We thought we might wake up in time for church, but it didn't happen.  

Shannon had a couple of things she wanted to do/see on this trip.  1.  She wanted me to help her with her taxes (she filed an extension).  And 2.  She wanted to see a real thunder storm with hail and lightning.  And maybe a tornado. 

Well, we accomplished all of those on Sunday!

While we were working on her taxes in my room, I heard the hail start.  So we went down to the front door and got this video.  Shannon thought it was pretty awesome, haha.  All I could think about was dents in my car! ;)

We got her taxes done, went to the local library to print everything off (now that was an experience), and then shopped just a little more before heading to dinner at Spin Pizza.  And while we were there, THIS is what was all over the tv's:

A tornado just north of Kansas City.  I think the airport actually shut down for a little while during it all.  Shannon was SO excited.  We finished dinner and prompty got in the car to chase it!  Unfortunately, by the time we got up north, we were too late and it had all dissipated/moved on.  We did get some okay pictures though! 

We needed a little sweet treat after our disappointing storm chase, so we went to Glace Artisan Ice Cream by the plaza.  That place is so delicious!

After eating pizza and ice cream, I decided it was as good as time as any to try out my fancy new toothbrush.  Now, without reading any of the instructions, I got it wet, put the toothpaste on, and pushed the button.  

Toothpase.  Flying.  Everywhere.

I mean it was on the mirror, in the sink...in my eyeball!  I was screaming and Shannon was dying laughing.  It was quite comical.  :)

Always remember to read the USEFUL TIPS when using something new:


I am definitely not a fan of that thing yet - it feels like it's vibrating my brains out - but hopefully I will get used to it.

After packing up and going through all the stuff Shannon brought/acquired, we - you guessed it - stayed up late talking again.  Shannon swears she had a good time here.  Something about how everything is slower and calmer here and people are normal, haha.

We were up way too late considering we had to get up at 4 to be at the airport by 5 for her 6am flight home!  Totally worth it though to soak up some serious girl time! :)

It may not sound too exciting, but THAT was my fun weekend with Shannon!   I absolutely LOVED having someone around to shop and chat with.  And hopefully I'll be walking when I see her again for 4th of July in Tahoe!

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