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Easter in San Antonio - Part II

(See Thursday and Friday here

Saturday morning we slept in pretty late, and we were both okay with that.  We don't get to do that too often.  Then it was another nice run (nice, minus the humidity) and another smoothie, before showering and setting off for the days adventures... which, again, were a little up in the air. 

 We looked at a map and decided to drive around to a few smaller towns not too far away...kind of in a loop north of San Antonio.  First stop was Boerne.  We hopped off the interstate and turned around to go back and look at a little shop I saw on the side of the road...which turned out to be nothing more than a nursery.  Fail.
Then I saw another sign that looked like some cool caves or something.  Matt was on the phone, but I told him not to worry.  I knew what we were doing.  But by the time he got off, I was already wondering if I was lost in the middle of nowhere Texas, haha. 

We eventually ended up at the Cascade Caverns outside of Boerne.  And,  The place was a complete dump, and the next tour wasn't for an hour anyways.  Nice little pit-stop for a bathroom, I guess...but nothing else there.

So we drove on to Comfort...and there wasn't anything of interest to do or see there besides some National Monument.  Kept on driving...not sure of what we were going to get ourselves in to!  I kind of enjoyed it though.  The Texas countryside is pretty!

The only thing picture worthy in Comfort, TX
We continued on to Fredericksburg, and after a small melt-down about where we were going to eat lunch, we ended up at the coolest little French restaurant underneath an old furniture store (thank you, iPhone apps). 

You really kind of felt like you were in France or something!  The street up above was hot and crowded with people, so the cool (I mean temperature wise, this time) place with two other people in it was perfect.

I had some sort of fancy/weird salad and Matt had a delicious sandwich.  The dessert we ordered looked amazing, but really wasn't.  Either way, we had a great experience there.

We hit a couple of shops along the street.  I found some old (from the late 80's) Topps baseball cards that I had to get for my brother.  I remember him always being excited for those back in the day!

Tony tricked Brody in to actually eating the gum inside these packs of cards. :(
With some time to kill still, we decided to head on towards Johnson City to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.  Apparently it is normally just fields of beautiful flowers, but due to the drought last year, there wasn't a flower in sight. 

No worries, though.  We walked around anyways, and found a "living history farm" which included a big, fat momma pig feeding her cute little babies that totally made the trip worth it!  (YouTube link here.) 

We continued on our road trip, with another pit-stop to chase some goats...who ran from us, haha.

Trying to get the goats to come back...

Texas blue bonnets and our car on the side of the highway (where we were chasing goats)

Our last stop for the day was Blanco, Texas.  Before we even got to the cute little town, we stopped at the river for some pictures.  It was beautiful -- as was the whole drive down the hilly, windy two late country road!

Blanco is  tiny little town with a cute little town center square with shops and restaurants all around it.  Of course we bought some lavender products, which were made right there in Blanco!  Apparently lavender grows there.  Who knew!?  (And I'm ashamed to admit that I can't find out picture of the little town square or the cute shops we bought stuff at!)
It was late afternoon by that point, so we decided to head it back to San Antonio.  I changed shirts and slapped on one of my new headbands from Gruene the day before, and we went to dinner.  It was time for some good Mexican food, and Los Barrios had just that!

It used to be an old Dairy Queen, and they just kept expanding it to the huge restaurant that it is now.  We all had something different, and they were all equally delicious.  The owner, who is some famous chef (Chef Diana Barrios-Trevino) came over and talked to us, and even complimented me on my headband! 

After dinner, we all piled in Mimi's bed and watched Despicable Me.  Yes, the Disney movie.  It was a cute movie.  Well, what I saw of it anyways.  I might of fallen asleep towards the end... :)

Sunday morning we didn't quite get up early enough for another run.  The 'easter bunny' came, of course, and dropped off some presents on the ledge outside our door. 

We each got chocolate bunnies, I got a really cool toothbrush holder for my spare bathroom (she got me another piece for Christmas) and Matt got some coffee.  Oh and Willow of Cricket got dog bones, of course. But THIS year, the easter bunny came for Mimi, too!  We put down cascarones (colored easter eggs filled with confetti) from the front porch leading to where we had hid per present:  an Easter lilly and some lavendar hand some from Blanco. (And Kelly, her cat, got some more treats for his buffet...)

We went to Easter Sunday mass at the same place we did last year, and got there plenty early to have a good seat.  There were almost too many kids screaming to get much out of it, but the message by the priest was a good one.  And then they sang this cool Spanish song, Resucito, with like a full on mariachi band up in the choir, haha.  It was so cool!

After mass we went to lunch at Corner Bakery Cafe in the Quarry (shopping area).  It was DE-licious.  I had steel cut oatmeal with banans in it.  I don't remember what everyone else had, but they loved it, too.  A good pick by Mimi!

Our flight home was early afternoon, so we didn't have much time back at the house.  We just got packed up (Mimi packed treats for us) and chatted for a little bit before heading back to drop off the rental car and get to the airport. 
Mimi packing up snacks for us 

            Another new headband (gassing up the rental car)

Our flight was on time to Dallas, where we had Subway for dinner, but delayed about an hour from there back to KC.   

Matt's brother and roomate picked us up, while complaining the whole time about missing Easter dessert to come get us. We got back around 7:30...which was a big upgrade from our usual midnight arrival!  Nice to get home and actually have time to relax and unpack. :)

It was another awesome weekend trip together, and even though we didn't get to spend Easter with our immediate families (I took some heat for that one), we still got to celebrate with the coolest Aunt Mimi !

~~~~  Speaking of immediate family... there a cuter Easter Bunny around??

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