Sunday, June 28, 2009

Orlando, FL

It was a rough June, and I really needed to escape for a weekend.  My birthday weekend, none the less!

I planned the entire vacation about two days before I flew out on Friday.  I had some Southwest credit that was going to expire, so to Orlando I went!

Got in late Friday night, rented a car, and drove a couple of hours to Cocoa Beach, FL.

Now, I'm cheap, but this was one of my all time cheapest moments.  I did NOT want to pay $100+ for a crappy hotel in Cocoa Beach.  I just couldn't do it.  I actually tried to find a spot on the beach to sleep, but ended up getting scared.  So...I parked the rental car in a dark(ish) parking lot, put the seats down,and went to sleep.  Err, kind of slept.  Turns out cars aren't so comfortable, haha.  It was a long night with not much sleep, but hey, I saved $100!

Freshened up in the bathroom at iHop the next morning, and then set off to do some sea kayaking.  Lucked out and had a manatee come right up to the boat, and really enjoyed the outdoors and the tour.

(Rest of post and pictures coming soon...)

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