Monday, November 8, 2010

Family Pictures

Once a year (for the past four years anyways) I drag my brothers out in matching outfits to take 'family pictures' so I can make a calendar for my mom.  It's her favorite Christmas present every year!  Last year, we had a good friend of mine from work take pictures for us.  She has her own photography business on the side, and just does amazing work!  Here are a couple of the pictures she did for us last year:

Well THIS year, we decided that since I have a big fancy camera, and Shauna was booked up pretty solid when we were all available, that we would just have Tony's girlfriend, Christa, take pictures of us for the calendar.  I think this picture pretty much sums up how they turned out...

Okay, I mean maybe it wasn't THAT bad, but compared to last year, our pictures just suck!  To NO fault of Christa, the elements were just against us.  It was SUPER windy and the bright sun made lots of shadows everywhere we went.  I'm going to send some of them to Shauna and at least have her edit some of them.  Here are a couple that turned out decent...

Next year, I think we'll go back to Shauna so she can edit us with her fancy software and make us look good even when we're not!! ;)

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