Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympic Beach Volleyball

Well I think it's been awhile again since I've written - I've been really busy trying to get caught up from missing so much work!  It's late and I'm tired - so I'm going to start backwards this time and make it short! :)

This afternoon I went ice skating with my boss' kids.  There is an ice skating rink across the street from our apartment in the shopping mall.  The kids don't know how to skate at all, and I'm pretty sure my back is broken from skating backwards bent over and picking them up the whole time.

I went to beach volleyball this morning - coolest event/venue I've seen so far!  We got to see Misty May and Kerry Walsh whatever...I can't remember there names right now, but they're unbelievable. Then another US team played Cuba and won, and then Australia played Greece.  There were tons of crazy Australian fans doing all their cheers and chants - it was great! 

(my boss and our Chinese worker/translator)

So up until now, I've had a pretty good sunglasses tan going on (my eyes are white and my cheeks are tan!)  But today I forgot my sunglasses, and believe it or not, the sun was actually out in Beijing!  It was just a beautiful day - perfect weather and blue skies!  So I'm fried- my eyes are bright red from not seeing the sun in so long!  And my shoulders got plenty of sun, too.  It's usually so polluted and overcast here you don't have to worry about it, but of course the one day I don't take sun block and forget my sunglasses, it's hot and sunny!

Last night Shannon and I went out for dinner to Texas Tim's Barbeque -- yeah, in Beijing!  I couldn't believe it.  BUT THE COOL THING WAS there was a K-STATE flag in the restaurant/bar!  CRAZY!  There was on Texas flag, a few A&M flags, and one big K-State flag!  I ate real American food and was so happy! Of course I got a couple of pictures by the flag! 

After dinner we walked around and found a little DVD store.  I bought 20 DVDs and a couple of series of TV shows for some friends...all for like $40, which is still a rip-off in Beijing.  But it was all the NEW movies, the Dark Night, Kung Fu Panda....the ones out in theaters now!  Let me know if there are any movies you want - they are so ridiculously cheap over here! I love Beijing

After that we went and got massages at the same place we went when we first got to Beijing.  I've never been in so much pain in my life!  I literally couldn't breathe he was pushing so hard...I actually sat up and told him he had to do it softer, but I don't think he understood me.  He hit every single pressure point in my body.  And who uses an ELBOW to massage the side of your HEAD!? Come on...NOT going back there!  (But I guess it is better than the ASS massage I got the other day…)

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