Friday, December 16, 2011

NYC - Sunday

After the crazy night we had before, getting up at 8:30 for 9:30 mass at St. Ignatius Loyola was seriously a struggle.  We contemplated going at all (Matt was trying to pull the "travelers dispensation" card ;) ), but we ended up making it just on time.  It was a beautiful church, and within walking distance.

After mass, we grabbed a bagel (with LOTS of cream cheese and cinnamon sugar) and took the subway down to the 9/11 ourselves.  Angie and Luke went to Chiefs vs Jets game in Jersey, and Denzil didn't answer his phone - too much partying! ;)  We reserved passes the day before to get in to the memorial at noon, so we had to get down there to pick up the tickets before hand.

The 9/11 Memorial just wasn't quite what I had expected.  I don't know about Matt, but for some reason, I had in my head that this was going to be big museum kind of thing.  Not to down-play it, because it was still really cool to see, but all it is right now is two giant fountains with all the names of people who perished written around them.  The actual museum doesn't open until next year!

Since we had allocated way more time for what we thought was going to be a "musem," we had an hour or so to kill.  Time for shopping!  We both wanted to check out Uniqlo, a new Japanese clothing store that has advertisements all over the subways.  It was a pretty cool place with decently cheap prices, so we both bought a couple things (like a turquoise cashmere sweater)! 

Matt and I did really well managing the subway system by ourselves.  We didn't get lost or confused once - and we even switched subways! ;)  We made it back to the apartment to drop our purchases off and packed up before heading to meet Denzil for lunch.  We got some soup and bread from Le Pain Quotidien and ate it on a park bench outside of Central park before saying goodbyes and heading in to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

That place is one HUGE museum.  Way too big for us to handle that day - especially since we were already worn down from not much sleep and lots of walking. We looked at a couple things, but after about 30 minutes, we sat down on a bench a and decided to just go back to the apartment for a nap instead...but not until we found the musical instruments, which turned in to be quite an ordeal.

(taken from the bench we just could not pull ourselves up from)

When we got back to the apartment, we saw that Angie and Luke had left us a cute good-bye note on the mirror in the bathroom.  They're just the sweetest!  And as we were leaving the apartment to catch a cab to the airport, we actually ran in to them on streets (they were just coming back from the Chiefs game).  We were all so glad we got to see each other one more time to say bye!

We had some decent food at the airport, boarded the plane, and both slept the entire flight home.  I remember waking up when we took off - a few times to readjust sleeping positions - and again when were getting ready to land. 

It was SUCH a great weekend, and we'll definitely miss Angie, Luke, and Denzil until we can all get together again! :)

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