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January Recap

January Recap:  Pics from my iPhone

  • I was going through pictures on my phone and came across the Christmas picture (bottom one) from 2 years go.  Crazy how much Hadley and Hunter have grown -- and we even added one more (baby Hudson) to the Keeler crew!

  • Aunt Mimi made me the coolest, warmest blanket!  I LOVE all the bright colors, and it fits me perfect!  I took this picture to send to her to say Thank You!

  • Dinner at Will Jenny's one Saturday night.  We watched the end of the Chiefs which they somehow managed to blow a 20 point lead.

  • I absolutely bought these pants from Express for the upcoming Vegas trip!  Can't go wrong with sequins in Vegas.  (And they'll probably be fun for a New Years Eve or two...)

  • I got Hadley a subscription to Kiwi Crate so we have something fun to do once a month.  From December's box (which we didn't get around to until January), we learned about the Arctic and polar bears, and made polar bear mits and a headband with ears.  She has the attention span of...well, a three year it went well for awhile.  I made one, and helped her make the other.


Mine is the one on the right in each picture -- hers is the one on the left, haha!

She was MUCH more excited about them when the work was done and we could just play with them.  She ran around roaring like a polar bear and randomly spewed out facts about the arctic.  I'll call it a success. 


The headband for the ears.  Again, mine on the right, hers on the left. ;)

  • I got the dogs a big plastic stocking full of after-Christmas clearance toys!  Too bad they lasted all of 30 seconds.  Literally.  As soon as they get the squeaker out, it's worthless.

  • My neighbors filed bankruptcy and just moved out of their house.  It's a nice place, too!  Brand new roof, siding, windows, etc.  Well, with all the cold weather we've had, a pipe burst and water flooded the house...out the windows, down the driveway, and all the way down the street.  It was NUTS!  I had to stop and tell a police officer to get someone over there to shut it off!

  • I went to the Starving Artists sale here in KC and got some cool new art work for my house!

Trees in the dining room (off the kitchen/family room)

In my bedroom
More trees for the hall bathroom

  • I really can't pass up anything glittery - especially glitter nail polish.  So I bought some and tried the whole "ombre" thing with it.  HA!  Yea, right!  It looked so awful I eventually just covered the whole nail with glitter.  Maybe it takes practice??

  • I ordered these prints in November after my trip to Yosemite.  I had an amazing picture that I just had to print, so when a deal came through Groupon, I jumped on it.  
          A good friend of mine (who is a photographer) split the panoramic picture in to 
         three separate ones for me, and it turned out so perfect!  I found a great spot to
         hang it, too!  I see it every day and it reminds me of how awesome that day was!


  • I updated the pictures in my bathroom this month, too!  New frames and Matt got replaced by my nieces and nephews.


  • Printed these off using the Printicular app (the cropped pic...not all the other crap!) and walked across the street to Walgreens an hour later to pick them up!  Such a sweet deal!


  • I walked out of my front door and just thought this plane looked cool.  It actually looked way cooler in person, haha.

  • I put in some serious hours at the office this month.  Year-end was pretty brutal.  I went to work early (in the dark), usually skipped lunch, and came home late (in the dark).  It was really not cool.

  • I have a little app on my computer screen that shows the temperature and forecast, and the picture depicts what it's currently like outside.  I was there so late one night it turned black and the freaking MOON came out.  That was a first.  Time to go home when it changes to that.

  • I've really enjoyed my Birch Box subscription I got for Christmas.  Each month I get fun little samples of stuff I wouldn't normally buy.  I don't always want all of it, and lucky for Allie,she gets everything I don't like.  (And she loves it ALL.)

  • I died when I got this postcard in the mail!  How cute is that!?

(Random side note:  I have 5 (F I V E) weddings this fall, and am in 3 of them.  
Two in August, one in September, and one two in October.  Yikes!)

  • I took this picture while driving (yes, while driving) on my way to my brothers house on Tuesday evening.  The sky looked so beautiful!


And it continued to get better once I got to their house!


  • I saw an online quiz to figure out just which political party I agree with, and decided to take it.  I'll just let the picture speak for itself. 

 (Maybe I don't belong in Kansas??)

  • Hudson. Just doing what he does best.  Which is being adorable.

  • Out for a run Friday night and this was going on in the sky.  Gorgeous.  

(DoI take too many sunset pictures??)

  • Speaking of all those weddings I have coming up, one of my friends asked me to come along on her dress shopping day!  I could only make it to the first appointment, and since she didn't choose either of these dresses, I think I'm safe to post these pictures. 

I've never even been in one of those places.  
Talk about overwhelming!

  • I tried on some dresses of my own later that day, actually.  But just ones I had for our company party -- 25th Anniversary.  I took these to send to Christa to get her opinion since my mom wasn't around...

  • I went to Nordstrom to get my makeup done for the party.  Never done it before and it was pretty fun!  I even bought a couple of things, which was a BIG step up for me, considering I hardly wear any make up, and what I do have is all the cheap stuff from Wal-Mart.

  • After Nordstroms, I went out to Christa's to have her do my hair with my new hair straightener I bought in Vegas.  I still haven't mastered how to do it myself, but she, of course, was a pro and gave me gorgeous curls in no time!  Looked even better than when the girl in Vegas did it!

And after all of that dress trying on, this one was the winner for the night:

  • The party was at Mission Hills Country Club.  After dinner, there was a band, and no one was interested in dancing.  But once the band went on break, a few of us girls got up there and had some fun putting on a show of our own, haha!  (We didn't actually sing or do anything, but the pictures look good!)


 And then there was this girl...who actually got up there and sang with them!

She had a few too many to drink...  ;)

  • I saw this listed as one of the best things for travelers to buy -- a little mini humidifier that works off a USB cable.  I had to buy it.  On those long international flights, I always get sick and so dried out.  Now I can use this and hopefully it will help some.  It's little and you just set it on top of a water bottle!  Genius!

  • I wasn't feeling well and did't make it to church one Sunday, so I decided to watch online...along with 2,188 people from all over the U.S.!


  • I finally made it out to my brothers land outside of Easton, KS.  He bought it last year sometime, and I just never made it up there.  I"m glad I finally did.  It's so nice to be out in the country every once in awhile.
We got stopped by a train at a crossing, and Hunter LOVED it. 


What a beautiful day to get out and enjoy it country!

The river runs through the edge of his land:

Christa on her port-a-potty (for real), and Tony taking Hunter up the tree stand.

Tony taught me how to see where the deer have been rubbing their antlers:

Hunter took his deer track spotting very seriuosly:

"Would you stop taking pictures!?  I'm trying to work here!"

Such a cute picture.  He loves his daddy. :)

The best part of Hunter's day was when Tony brought out the bags of corn to feed the deer and turkeys

You can't really tell in these pictures, but Hunter was jumping 
and dancing around and just squealing with excitement!

Hunter was supposed to be the one napping on the way home.  
He didn't get the memo, but I sure did!

  • I took Hadley to see the movie Frozen...for the 4the time.  She has talked everyone else in to taking her already.  She knows all the songs, has all of the dolls, and still wants to go see it every day.  It was my turn to take her!  I mean, how can you say no when she sends you THIS VIDEO.  (Click for link.)


Not only did she love the movie (again), but she also sang along - quite loudly, I might add - to most of the songs.  Like, every word.  She's only three.  I was impressed!  Not sure if everyone else in the theater was or not. ;)

  • I took my good friend, Kathy, out to lunch for her birthday!  We went to a Mi Ranchito , and they came out and sang to her!

Nothing says HAPPY BIRTHDAY like a song in Spanish and a giant sombrero!

  • Brody got a new gun, and could NOT be more excited about it.  It's only a BB gun, but it's pretty serious!  He was so happy he could hardly contain himself with Tony got it out.


  • Just more places I want to go -- and things I want to do.  That Travel & Leisure magazine gets my sucked in every month.          Hey, a girl can dream, right?



  • January's Kiwi Crate was all about making music.  The box contained everything we needed to make a xylophone and some rhythm bracelets, which we did.  And by "we" I really mean I.  Hadley was kind of in to helping with the xylophone, but then Dora came on, who is apparently way more entertaining than I am. But I did have fun coloring the sheet and decorating my bracelet!!)  Maybe next month I can keep her engaged...or maybe I'll just have fun again, haha.

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