Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Eve 2014

New Year's Eve was a low-key event for me this year.  Just how I like it! 

I went out for Mexican with Kelli and the kids (Jason was sick) that evening.  So much for that whole "eating healthy" resolution.  That was out the door before the new year even got here! Helllooooo cheese dip. :)

Before leaving the restaurant, we watched the live streaming fireworks over Reykjavic, Iceland, on my phone.  Apparently New Years Eve is like a big deal over there.  The whole city pretty much blew up.  It looked - and sounded - like a battle field.  And not just for seconds.  This went on and on!  Crazy!

I went home, changed in to some pj's and then went down to Jason and Kelli's house for game night.  Hadley had invited me down for some ... Zingo?  I don't remember what it was called...

...but I totally won one game (much to Hadley's dismay). ;)

No shame. Beat a 4 year old and proud of it ;)

Before going home for the night - you know, at 8 o'clock - I had to get my New Year's kiss.  And Hudson was the only eligible bachelor in the house ;)

I asked him for a kiss, and after staring a my lips for a few seconds, he cautiously leaned in, and then just really went for it.  I mean mouth open and all.  Full on kiss, haha.  Too cute. :)

Hadley wasn't as in to the kiss as Hudson was, but I still got a New Year's Even pajama pic with her. :)

I didn't make it up until midnight, but let's be honest.  No one should be surprised by that.  I really like my sleep. 

Here's to 2015!  I hope it has just as many fun travel adventures as 2014 did! :)

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