Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June iPhone Pics

  • Kicked the month of June off with dinner on the plaza with new(ish) friends.  I met Annie and  Ugne in different states (CO and CA) last year.  We were bridesmaids in a friends wedding and realized we all lived close to each other back in KC!
(Neither of those kids belong to us.  They're another friends kids, but she was taking the picture.)

  • We had so.much.rain in June.

  • My mom got ne new tires for my birthday.  Best present ever!

  • Bike rides and popsicles with my niece and nephews.  Summer evenings are the best.  

  • I mean seriously.  How cute is this kid??  Ice cream drips and all...

  • I think it's time for my mom to get some new shoes.  She thinks it's time to get out the super glue.

  • This is one of my all time favorite sequences of pictures.  Hunter caught his first fish, but wasn't expecting the fish to actually move once it was out of the water!  (The video is even better!)

  • Lunch date at my favorite sushi spot.  Makes me want to go again every time I look at the picture...

  • My mom leaves the garage door up just enough so the dogs can peek out. And that's exactly what they do.  All. Day. Long.

  • I painted my new bedroom at my moms house a nice neutral shade.  That dark green had to go...

  • My first time using a coffee grinder.  And I'm only 31! ;)

  • I couldn't let a month go by without at least ONE sky/sunrise/sunset picture in Kansas!

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