Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A few random MAY pics

  • When there are three kids and only two dogs...YOU get to be walked on a leash, too, to keep everyone happy.

  • I did A LOT of shopping this month.  We have a 250 page document of things we have to re-buy in order to get reimbursed through insurance (from the house fire).  You can pay me to shop ANY day.  

  • I got sucked in to helping out at a new restaurant in Kansas City.  Bistro 913 was just opening, and my old boss owns the building.  He asked me to help them out for a week or two.  (6 weeks later, I was still working there...every day, all day.)  I can't complain, though.  It's actually really fun - better than sitting behind a desk and the pay is fantastic with all the tips!

(That's my fancy hand writing on the signs ^^ )

  • After what felt like weeks of nothing but rain, I had to get outside and capture the first glimpse of sunshine!

  • Mother's Day get-together with the whole family!  We're getting better at the whole picture taking thing.  Everyone is looking at the camera and almost semi-smiling!

  • Once a year, my sister-in-law cuts and highlights my hair.  (Well, I usually get it cut twice a year, but only highlighted once.)  My hair always looks fantastic after she does it, so it had to be documented with a selfie!

  • The restaurant I've been working at is Vietnamese and Hawaiin food, and all of the chefs are Vietnamese.  They were trying out making edible flowers to decorate the food with, and I just thought it was so cool! Aren't the little red radish flowers beautiful!?


  • I dropped my membership at the gym, so I've been running and working out with resistance bands, hand weights, and exercise balls in the basement.  The workouts are still kicking my butt.

  • Hunter is still crazy good at puzzles.  Like, better than me.  No joke.  He can easily put them together without help...and faster than I can.


  • I got some shelves at IKEA and put them together in the basement to hold all of the kids toys.  It looks way better than what it was before...which was two big cardboard boxes.

  • I know I'm biased, but I think my labs are just about two of the most gorgeous ones I've ever seen.  Cricket and Willow turned 7 this year!


  • Another house project:  building a little sandbox in the corner of the back yard.  10 cinder blocks and 650 pounds of sand later... the kids were happy!

  • I spent a lot of afternoons in May laying out on the back deck working on my tan!  I don't tan very easily -- it's usually a burn - peel - white - repeat kind of thing.  But I'm off to a good start this year, so here's hoping for a little color that stays!

  • The kids came over one afternoon to play in the sprinklers, and it was just such a fun time!

Hudson absolutely LOVES the water, and could not care less if you spray him right in the face!  He just squeals with delight!



  • I took Hadley for a little date day since I missed her pre-school graduation party.  She wanted to go to the dog park, have McDonalds pancakes for dinner, and have a sleep over.  Easy enough.



  • Just another amazing Kansas City sunset...taking from the front porch of my brother and sister-in-laws new house.

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