Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Road Trip: Sioux Falls, SD --> Kansas City

I like the whole no alarm thing.  And my blackout curtains are doing the trick.  Slept in until after 8am this morning!  Nothing eventful happened in the back of the Wal-Mart parking lot in Sioux Falls, South Dakota last night.

I got up, left the same clothes on that I slept in (a tank top and shorts), went in to the bathroom, and hopped on I-29 south to Sioux City.

I don't think it rained on me one time this whole trip...until I got back to the midwest.  And even then, it was still blue skies and just some sprinkles for half a mile or so.

The drive was completely uneventful -- from South Dakota, to Iowa, to Missouri, and eventually in to Kansas!  I only stopped once at a rest stop to pee really quick and re-fill my water bottles.  I drove 90 and made great time!

First things first.  When I got home...it was straight to the car wash.  Look at the bugs on my poor car!!  

The car wash didn't even take them all off.  That is going to take some serious elbow grease.  But at least all the dirt and mud came off.  

Back at home, I emptied out my car -- which took forever.  I mean how in the world did I take THIS MUCH STUFF for 10 days on the road!?  It's insane

I can't deal with messed like that, so I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and organizing all of that stuff.  And I completely cleaned out my car - vacuumed and wiped down and everything.  

And then on to the good stuff!  I went out to see my niece and nephew for a little bit before bed time. They are such fun ages right now (2 and 5)!  Hadley showed off her new gymnastic skills and Hudson was just his sweet little self, letting me read him some books before bed.

While Kansas may not have the beauty of Yellowstone or the mountains of Montana, it still has my family and the classic Midwest sunsets that never disappoint!  

It's always good to be home -- even if for only a short period of time!

{{My next adventure is a big one!  FINALLY going to Australia next week!!}}

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