Friday, November 11, 2011

Ethiopia: Day 1

It was a short night!! I finally fell asleep around 2am, and my alarm went off at 5:30am. Took a quick shower, threw on comfy sweatpants (if I'm going to be on an airplane for 13 hours, I'm going to be comfortable), and went down for breakfast. I met several of the people I will be traveling with: Karen (trip leader) and her two teenage daughters, Linda (school teacher from FL), Brook (crossfit instructor from IL), Sarah (student from MN), Juree, Julie, Stacey, Wendy, the Sweeney family with 5 children adopted from Ethiopia... I cant even remember who else... But they're all great people!!

After a healthy breakfast of oatmeal, toast, and fruit (much better than my chips for dinner last night), five of us hopped on the 7am shuttle from the hotel to the airport: me, Sarah, Brook, Linda, and Shanyce. We got dropped off right in front of the Ethiopian Airlines sign outside, but when we walked in, we all just stood there for a minute looking confused because the check-in desk wasn't anywhere in sight! Almost immediately, an airport worker started hollering at is from halfway across the airport, "Ethiopia! Ethiopia! This way!" Ha, we couldn't believe be was to us, but we followed him anyways! The Ethiopian Airline desk was on the back side, so we couldn't see it. He said he knew we were traveling on that airline from all of our luggage! Everyone else had two huge bags...apparently that's a giveaway for Ethiopia??

Good thing we got here so early, because the airport was crazy busy! Ha - okay - I'm being really sarcastic, because the five of us had already checked in and made it through security by 7:30.  We found our gate, I bought some snacks (since my food is out of reach), and now we're just chilling at the gate for another couple hours as more travelers trickle in!

Up next: an awesome 13 hour non-stop flight in to Addis Ababa. As soon as we land and get our visas/money exchanged, we are dropping off our bags at the guest house and heading north to Trees of Glory!! Hopefully this flight goes smoothly/quickly and I get some sleep...which shouldn't be a problem as tired as I am right now! 

I'm hoping to be able to post something quickly from the airport when we land (late Friday night back home), but who knows if that will actually happen. Just assume that no news is good news! :)

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  1. Yay for keeping in touch with iPhones :) Hoping your flight goes well and that you all arrive safe and sound!

  2. I am so jealous of your trip. I will be bogged down all weekend with homework, so you have to live it up for both of us over there! :) You are such a great example of how one person have a positive influence on the world and can impact the life of a child is such a great way.