Monday, March 26, 2012

Dancing with the KC Stars

Last weekend, Matt and I got all dressed up and attended "Dancing with the Kansas City Stars" - a benefit for Cristo Rey high school, where I help coach the girls basketball team.

On the "red carpet" before the event got started
I haven't been to too many scholarship or benefit events, but this one was a BLAST.  We had so much fun watching all the local "celebrities" dance with professional dancers.  It was pretty obvious all of the girls had been training and hitting the gym regularly for their big debut on the stage.  How else do you look that good in your 50's? 

KC Mayor Sly James was one of the judges, and he is a lawsuit waiting to happen!

The competition was slightly unfair, because it was obvious that the winner this year, Heather Bortnick, has had some dance training previously.  She blew most everyone else out of the water.  Some of the dancers had some serious fan sections, with cutouts of their faces and squeaky toys, etc.  Most were obviously nervous, which was understandable. I thought the best dancer was hands-d0wn Marvin Rollison, a security guy for KCP&L.  In the middle of the routine, they switched to Party Rock, and it was awesome. (He got 2nd place.)

The event sold out this year and raised over $600,000 for scholarships for the students.  The whole event was put together really well, and the video they played...well, let's just say it left most of the people with some tears in their eyes.  Definitely moving enough to get us to donate!

Some of my basketball girls put on a little production, as well, and when the event was over, everyone went down to the lobby and danced (or drank) the night away.  We ended up running in to quite a few people from our work place - including our boss, which was quite a shock to us - so we had to keep it tame. ;)  But overall, it was a great night supporting a great local organization!

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