Monday, April 9, 2012

San Antonio (Thursday)

3 day weekend = VACATION for us!

Last weekend, Matt and I took off for a quick trip to San Antonio for Easter weekend.  (And it just happened to be our 8 month anniversary, too.)  I hadn't ever been before, but it is where Matt was born and lived until late grade school.  Since he has an aunt (on his moms side) and an uncle (on his dad's side) that still live there, we though it would be the perfect spot to visit for our long weekend, and still get some family time in for Easter.

The trip started out just a little rocky.  Due to some tornadoes in Texas, many American Airlines planes were damaged by hail in Dallas earlier in the week.  I had heard about that, and I knew we changed planes in Dallas, but I really didn't put two and two together about anything else. 

An email in my inbox Thursday morning reminded me I could check us in online...and I almost didn't do it.  Since our seats were already assigned, it didn't really matter.  But I like to have boarding passes already printed, so I went ahead and got online to check us in.  Thank goodness.

"We are unable to process your request.  Please see an agent at the ticket counter." 

And that was all it said.  What?  That's never happened before.    I scrolled down the page a little more see a bright red CANCELLED above our first flight - leaving MCI at 6am on Friday morning.  Ummm, hello?  When were you going to tell me you CANCELLED my flight!?  They have no idea how NOT pleased I would have been if I got up at 4am to make it to my cancelled flight. 

Surely they had a plan for us - or something.  We decided to call American Airlines to see what was up.  Yea, right.  We both tried several lines several different times, and all we got were recordings that said, "Due to the inclement weather in Texas, many flights have been cancelled..." or some bs like that, and told us to call back later.  I can't call back later.  I have a SPURS GAME to get to tomorrow night!

After several attempts, I finally got a line that didn't disconnect me.  And after being on hold for over one hour (no joke), I finally got a sweet old lady on the phone.  I had totally planned on yelling and letting them have it for not informing me my flight was cancelled, but how can you be mean to a sweet little lady who you just know has had the worst two days of her life working there?

She was more than accomodating and apologetic, and gave me two options.  Fly out that evening, or Friday evening.  Friday evening wasn't an option.  Matt is a HUUUUGE Spurs fan, and has been looking forward to (that's an understatement) going to this game for weeks.  So...pack your bags...we're leaving in a few hours!

(We're squatting down to get out of the bright sun...)
The only other thing we really had to worry about was the rental car, which was reserved for Friday morning.  We were now getting in Thursday night.  At one point, Matt was on TWO phones at once.  HotWire on one and Budget Rental on the other, ha.  I wish I could have seen that.  But he saved the day and got our reservation changed - for free.
In hindsight, it actually worked out great.  We had originally wanted to leave Thursday evening, but flights were too expensive.  And you know how tight I am.  So for no change fee - and plenty of stress - we got to fly when we really wanted to. 

Random side note:  Lent officially ended on Thursday afternoon.  I gave up candy (and ice cream) for Lent this year, and was SO PUMPED to have my favorite licorice treat at the airport!  I may have eaten the entire bag before we made it to Dallas...

Two easy flights - that were actually on time - and a quick shuttle to our rental car, and we were on our way to Aunt Mimi's for the weekend!

KC to Dallas

Dallas to San Antonio

 While Matt has easily been most excited to go back to a Spurs game, I have been dying to see Shamu at Sea World.  So when I saw the giant Shamu poster at the airport, I just had to take a picture... 

The shuttle bus to our rental car
Our cute little rental for the weekend
We didn't get in until around midnight, if I remember correctly.  We were both pretty tired from a long day of working, figuring out out new flights, and traveling.  But sweet Aunt Mimi was waiting up for us, so of course we had to stay up and chat for a couple of hours.  I went to bed just shortly before I nodded off at the kitchen table. ;)  We had a big day ahead of us. 

Let the adventures of San Antonio begin... 

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