Wednesday, April 11, 2012

San Antonio (Saturday)

(in pictures...for now)

Breakfast tacos at Taco Taco.  Best tacos in America, supposedly...

Off to SEAWORLD...

First stop:  Shamu show.  It exceeded my expectations and took my breathe away.  For real.

Had to stop for pics with the flamingos...

Second show:  Azul:  dolphins, beluga whales, and exotic birds. 
Not as cool as Shamu...

Matt loves alligators... ;)

We didn't ride any of the rides.  (I get motion sick on those crazy things...)


This guy was hanging out below us...waiting for us to feed him.  He's going to be waiting awhile.

Feeding dolphins = amazing...

This one took the fish right out of his hand...and almos took his hand with him!

Next show:  Cannery Row Caper 
(Matt's favorite show when he was a kid...)

Matt was devastated when he found out the walrus' name had changed since he was a kid...

Final show of the day:  One Ocean.  (Another amazing Shamu show!)

Drove around forever trying to find someplace to eat.  Minor meltdown because phones were taking us to restaurants that didn't exist.  Ended up at Panera.  Someone wasn't happy about it.

Quick dinner and a Jamba Juice, then met Mimi at San Antonio Missions baseball game.

Ballapeno:  coolest mascot EVER.

Contest to throw baseballs in to a chimney out on the field.  Matt was NOT happy that he didn't make one in...

Post-game FIREWORKS!!!


Back down to Riverwalk after the game to have a drink.  Saw the same family of ducks from the day before in the same spot!  They must live there!

Disappointed the lights on the trees are only lit up during holidays.  One beer at Waxy O'Connors and we were done. 

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