Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 2: IAD - ADD

I did pretty well last night.  Made it up until 2am, so the 6am alarm was really NOT cool.  What was I thinking - planning on going for a run on 4 hours of sleep?  Yea, right.  That sure didn't happen.

I wanted to get on a later shuttle back to the airport, but when I called the front desk, they told me the next available one was an hour and a half later. That obviously wasn't going to work, so I just showered, grabbed some free breakfast, and headed for the airport plenty early. Better than feeling rushed or being late I guess...

There was only one other lady and her little girl on the shuttle with me from the hotel to the airport. She was clearly Ethiopian, so I struck up a conversation. She and her two year old daughter, Naomi, who was screaming bloody murder, were heading to Addis to stay with her family for two months. Naomi was tired and upset to be leaving her dad and brother. I tried to be as helpful as possible and carried one of her bags for her and helped her navigate through security and through the airport (she hasn't traveled in a long time).  Naomi was a naughty little thing and had an arm on her. She chucked her hard plastic sippy cup at me twice!  She was mad that I was carrying her moms bag apparently. And she was so funny when she talked, because it was a jumbled mess of English and Ahmharic. Her mom said she got them mixed up, haha!

Anyways, we chilled at the gate for quite awhile. She was very nice and Naomi was adorable (even when screaming). Ethiopian babies are the cutest - with little dark curls all over their heads! There were a couple others toddling around the gate and it took all my will power not to just got scoop them up! 

We boarded the plan on time, which is an hour early. It takes a long time to load that many people on such a giant plane. I was towards the front of the plane and in a window seat, just like I wanted. No eyebrows were raised with my oversized carry-on. I think it helps that its on my  back - maybe they don't see it.  I don't even know why they say  it has to be a normal (small) carry-on - and less than 15 pounds.  My  bag weighs at least double that, and the bins are so giant on the plane I could fit in them!

Not much of an update after that. I was on an airplane for 13 hours. What else is there to say?!  I watched a movie (We Bought A Zoo) and then put my earplugs in and slept for a looooong time...waking up three times to eat delicious airplane meals. (Heavy sarcasm on delicious. More like edible.) Landed safe and on time in Addis around midnight Kansas time, which was 8am Sunday morning local time.

What I was on for 13 hours today!
Mmmm...airplane food.

Exciting day 2! ;) Now on to day 3 in Addis!


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