Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Just for Fun" Pictures

A co-worker of mine, Shauna, is also a photographer on the side.  An amazing photographer, I might add.  Last week, she asked Matt and I to "model" for her, just for fun.  She wanted to try out a new urban location and just get out and take some pictures again.  Knowing I love pictures, she came to the right person!  I jumped all over that!

I bought a new scarf for the occasion (really in to scarves right now), and found Matt a new purple shirt to match...because he needed some color in his life closet. ;)  I thought the outfits looked great together, and Shauna found some awesome locations down in the West Bottoms.

I only have a sneak preview of 5 photos right now, but they turned out so good and I just had to show them off! 

Funny story:  As soon as Shauna put these pictures up on facebook, my phone started blowing up with people asking if we were engaged!  Come on, people.  Do you really think I would announce something like that via pictures on facebook?  And there is no ring on my finger in any of the pictures.  I mean even my mom asked me if "something was up."  Ha!  So, sorry to disappoint, but no, we're not engaged.  They really were just for fun! :)

Thank you, Shauna, for the beautiful pictures!

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