Monday, November 26, 2012


This Thanksgiving was considerably more low key than how they usually go around my house.  Both oth of my brothers went to their wives side of the family.  It was just my mom and I. 

So what did we do? 

Well I put her to work, of course!  Just what everyone does on Thanksgiving! ;)

We ripped up the old, light brown trim in the kitchen, bought new white trim to replace it with, and painted the door jams white.  Touched up the kitchen walls and cabinets with paint, and then moved on to replacing the old brass door hinges throughout the house with new brushed nickel ones. 

My mom also spent a considerable amount of time cleaning out the tracks for my sliding glass door that were corroded with three years worth of  dog hair and dirt.  Doesn't that sound fun!?

I'm pretty sure she would rather spend all day cooking a giant feast than spend another Thanksgiving with me! ;)

We did take a break to eat lunch, but it sure wasn't our usual feast.  Since it was just me, I got what I wanted:  pumpkin pie and flounder.  Best Thanksgiving meal yet - without all the work and cleaning up!

Later that night, once Tony and Christa were back home, we went over there...and worked on their house!  (Mom stayed in the kitchen instead of joining in the house work this time, though.)

I attempted the "Black Friday" insanity by going to Wal-Mart at 10pm that night.  And by attempted, I mean it lasted all of 5 minutes.  I don't know how people do it.  Never again will I face that madness!  Not worth it...

Our actual family Thanksgiving celebration was brunch the following Sunday -- the only time we could all get together.   And we went out to eat so no one had to do all the cooking and clean up.  We've decided that's definitely the way to go...

Of course we had to get another family pic!  I know it's awful lighting that makes us all look crazy, but at least it's a picture of everyone (all TEN of us) looking at the camera!  That's a miracle!

How could I not be thankful on Thanksgiving for this glowing-eyed-demon-looking family!?  ;)

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