Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We're not too old to dress up for Halloween, right?
We paid a LOT of money for these outfits in Munich last month, so we had to get a little more wear out of them than just the disastrous Oktoberfest.

Matt had a party at his house last weekend.  He and his roommates (all guys, mind you) did an incredible job of not only cleaning, but also decorating the house for the party.  I was more than impressed!

The party was a good time, just like last year.  Maybe too good of a time?  After a couple of drinks, we decided our nice little outfits needed a change...
                                         Our nice costumes went from this...                 this.

I don't know.  I think the beard and wig look pretty good! ;)  It was entertaining, to say the least.

Here are a few of the other good costumes from the night:

Hamburglar / Pocahontas & Telletubby /  Flo, some wrestler, tired & sick / the Incredibles

On Halloween day, I spent my lunch break at Allie and Brody's school parade.  Christa MADE Allie's ridiculousy awesome peacock costume, and even did a little mini photo shoot with her. 


I'm so jealous.  I'm totally wearing this and being a peacock next year.  (After I shrink and lose some weight.) 

Anyways, back to the school parade...  Allie wore her peacock costume, and Brody was a little army guy.  Too cute!

Hunter came to the parade, too.  He wasn't dressed up, but at least he had orange on!

(I had Halloween tights on and a Trick or Treat shirt)

Hunter was a little monster later that night...

That night, Matt and I tried to get in the Halloween spirit and make some "mummy pizzas."  Yea, right.  Not only did they look bad - and nothing like mummies - they kind of tasted that way, too.  Oh well, better luck next year...

We went down to see Hadley, who, of course, dressed up as her favorite animal - the cuteset little OWL ever.  She even flapped her wings on command!

A neighbor sporting a scary mask quickly put an end to her trick-or-treating.  She had more fun passing out the candy from the safety of her own house after that...

 (I know it's mean, but I couldn't help but laugh a little as the mask got closer and her little lip started quivering before she burst out in tears... It was just too funny!)

OH - and let's not forget about the girls! 
Willow and Cricket couldn't decide between being matching pumpkins...

(impossible to get them to hold still for a non-blurry picture)

...or a bumble bee and lady bug!

Turned out they hated them both, so they didn't wear them.  But they sure did look cute for the 2 minutes it lasted!

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