Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween (with the kids)

(Halloween with the adults HERE)

I've worn the same outfit on Halloween every year since my mom got me those Halloween print leggings and I got that light-up t-shirt at Wal-Mart.  And that was in 2009.  This year was no different!  Still going strong on year 5!  I used to have an orange belt I wore with it, but that ended up in the Goodwill pile a couple of years back.  My new addition this year was the headband that Matt's Aunt Mimi made for me!  Matches pretty perfect!

  (Is it just me, or do I look 12 years old in that picture on the right?  Yikes!)

My niece and brand new nephew came over to visit after work since I wasn't going to get to trick-or-treat with them this year.  And since I also missed Hadley's 3rd birthday party over the weekend, I gave her her birthday presents:  some books I got from Groupon, a dog sweater that was in one of the grab-boxes from Harvest of Talents (she loved it, haha!) and a matching headband, courtesy of Aunt Mimi!

                                                                   Isn't he the sweetest little Jack-O-Lantern!?

Hadley is just obsessed with her new baby brother, Hudson.  She is always kissing him and hugging (aka choking) him around the neck.  She's also a fan of petting his eyes and pulling his a very loving way, haha!  The poor guy already instinctively puts his little hands up by his head to protect himself when he hears her voice!

 Once Hadley and Hudson left, we drover over to Tony and Christa's house for a Hallowen / Hunter's official 2nd Birthday party!  Chili and cinnamon rolls on Halloween is a tradition they have that I have come to love!  And Hunter got more cars and more trucks.  I had to bribe him to come to the dinner table with a little fire truck.  The kid was in hog heaven!  

After dinner, the kids got in their costumes and we set off to trick-or-treat around the neighborhood.  

Cousins Tucker and Lane were honest to God the cutest little Mario and Luigi's I've ever seen.  Allie was a dolphin trainer -- such an original costume idea!  Brody was a pretty awesome looking vampire, and Hunter was an adorable little puppy dog.


Matt and I were ... not dressed up. :)


It didn't take too long for the little kids to wear down.  And Brody eventually didn't feel good enough to walk anymore.  It couldn't possibly have anything to do with him eating hardly any dinner, right?  But miraculously, he felt fine when he got home and dug right in to the new candy.  His night, as you might guess, ended up with him throwing up in the hallway, haha!  Live and learn, buddy. ;)  (In his defense, he was already kind of sick before that night got started.  I'm sure the sugar just added to it.)

Brody wasn't feeling well and needed a ride in the wagon.
  Allie was still wanting to trick-or-treat some more, so I agreed to walk with her so a few more houses and over to a big "haunted house" someone set up in their back yard.  She literally sprinted up to the houses.  So funny!  I learned I am already a little over-protective of her -- and she's not even mine!  I watched maybe a little too closely every time she walked up to a house by herself...and made sure I could see who was coming to the door.  She's only 11!  


I went in the haunted house with her -- the girl who proclaims to "never get scared."  I made her pose for this selfie in a mirror on the way through.  Once we thought we were close to the end, I told her to turn around and act scared.  I at least wanted to get a couple of pictures from inside.  And to my surprise, I did it at just the right second.  see the guy creeping out around the corner in the pic on the right?  He put a mask on and jumped out and DID in deed scare her right after I took the picture, haha!  It was perfect! 

It was such a fun Halloween with family and the kids.  But the night ended in some tears for poor Allie.  Apparently a group of her friends got to go trick-or-treating way later than she did-- and by themselves.  Are you serious!?  Who lets an 11 year old go out by themselves on Halloween in Kansas City!?  No.  Way.  Not happening.  I told her I wouldn't let her go by herself until she was 15...maybe.  And even then I would still probably stalk her from a block behind, haha.  She's lucky I'm not her mom! ;)

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