Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Phone Dump

My random November pictures from my phone:
  • We put together shoe boxes this year for Samaratin's Purse "Operation Christmas Child" and came up with some pretty good stuff from Dollar General!  My niece and nephew also put together boxes this year.  Allie wrote a nice letter to go along with her box (which included a Justin Bieber watch and some clear mascara!), and Brody put a picture of himself in his along with some toys.  So sweet!
Finished boxes:  one for a girl and one for a boy
  • I bought a couple of Ralph Lauren outfits on clearance last spring at Macy's for Hunter, in hopes they would fit him this winter.  Somehow I lucked out and they do fit him.  And oh could he be any cuter in it!?  The other outfit has a red sweater vest that is equally adorable.  Christa sent me this picture before church one Sunday...

  • One Tuesday night I was watching Hunter.  Somehow, after about half a gallon of chocolate milk and no diaper change, I realized he had soaked clear through to his pants.  Oops!  So he got to run around diaper-less for awhile...which included some time to lift weights in the nude.  Hilarious! 

  • After my Halloween costume disaster last month, I decided I wanted  needed to learn how to sew.  Joann's offers a Sewing 101 class, so I signed up to take it one Saturday morning.

Turns out my niece's sewing machine (that I've been borrowing) doesn't hate me, and all the problems weren't' completely "operator error" either.  The sewing machine has a short of some kind, and that is why it will only sew backwards from time to time!

I didn't learn a terrible amount from the class, and I was the youngest one in there by about 20 years, if I had to guess.  I did have some fun making a pencil bag and practicing some fun stitches, but that was about it.


  • Later that same Saturday, I decided to keep the creativity flowing with a Crocheting 101 class at a different Joann's.  Now that  was an epic fail.  I absolutely can not crochet.  I'm not patient enough for that, and my fingers just couldn't do it.  I think I'll just stick to letting Christa crochet for me.  

This crocheting literally took my over two hours.  And this is all I got!
  •  I went to the Holiday Boutique in Overland Park with Christa and her other sister-in-law, Nickie.  I hadn't ever been before, and wasn't too sure what to expect, but it was a great time!
Top right: before shopping             Bottom right, after shopping!

Here are just a few of the items I bought: 

A Kansas City baggy top, KSU jeans, and some amazingly 
soft leggings that I now wear a few times a week, at least

When I handed my phone to a guy working and asked him to take a picture of us girls with all of our shopping bags, I sure wasn't expecting to see THIS (below) when he handed the phone back to me!  

He took a selfie on my phone, hahaha!!
  • The picture I tried to take didn't turn out at all, but I got pulled over on my way to the airport for, get this:  speeding, not using a blinker to switch lanes, AND having a headlight out.  And I just got a warning again!  Another sccore for playing the dumb female.  Works like a charm every time. ;)
  •  Shannon text me a picture of the new bathroom stuff I got for her mom for their Tahoe house.  Looks pretty amazing, if you ask me! 


  • Somehow I managed to run over one of the tires for my lawn mower.  It fell off, I didn't realize it and kept mowing, and ran over it.  Sparks flew, the mower quit...pretty awesome.  I took a picture of it so I would know what kind of mower I had and so I would remember to look online for how to replace the now shredded tire.  I figured it would be simple enough...until I looked at the diagram below.  Yuck.  I might just take it somewhere to have it done now...

  • With another trip to Vegas on the books for January, I decided to look up what shows there were to see this time.  Tim McGraw and Faith Hill play there a few times a month, and just happen to be there when we will be!  I would love to see them...but I'm not sure I would be willing to pay over $100 for a ticket!  We'll see.  I'm sure it would be pretty amazing!

  • My mom's best friend (for the last 50 years, I might add), and my namesake, Terry, met us for lunch one day at J Alexanders in Overland Park.  I don't even remember the last time I saw her, so it was so great to catch up!  And the food was SO good!  
Terry and Terri - I'm named after her :)
I can't believe they've been best friends for 50 years!  That's crazy!
  •  My friend, Kathy, asked me if I wanted to volunteer with her colleagues to work on a house with Habitat for Humanity.  Of course I said yes!  But man, we picked a bad Saturday to be working outside.  Check out that nice warm temperature of 23 degrees!

All bundled up for outside work!

 Our job for the day was to finish putting the siding on the house.  There wasn't much left, and I thought it would go quickly -- since I have zero siding knowledge.  It didn't go by quickly - it took us all morning to do that little spot, but the before and after picture makes it worth it!  
Top:  before               Bottom:  after

 It was so cold that we had to take turns cutting the pieces and putting them on the house.  So in the down time, a few of the girls drug pieces of scrap wood over to a pile and made a fire to keep warm by.

 There was also a space heater they set up inside for us.  One of the girls stood a little too close and melted her pants!  And while I was mocking her for doing that, I did the exact same thing, haha!  Karma...

Our melted pants :(
  • Date night with Spenser and Ashley in Lawrence at a restaurant called 715.  While I don't like that town, I have to admit, the food was really good!  As was dessert. :)

  • It's basketball season!  I help "coach" - I use that term lightly - a high school girls basketball team, and their first game was at the end of November.  Final score:  64 to 4.  Not much of a game, but I'll take a win any day!  The girls surprised me with how well they looked.  I think it's going to be a good season!  

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