Monday, December 2, 2013


"Thanksgiving" was a multi-day event this year: 

Wednesday night, the night before Thanksgiving, my whole family got together at Tony and Christa's house for dinner.  My mom cooked, of course.  Christa had to work late, so Jason and Kelli ate earlier without her, but at least we were all together for a short time!

Hadley wanted nothing to do with the picture, but agreed to let her deer antler
be in the picture...just not her, hahaha.  Kids are hilarious!


Turkey cookies!!

LOVE this picture with the kids!
(Hadley and Hudson had already left for the night)
My mom giving Riley Jo some Thanksgiving love :)

Thursday morning, I went down to Jason and Kelli's house for Thanksgiving brunch, then rushed home to shower and head to the airport.  I flew to Madison that afternoon to see Matt's family.  (He drove up the night before.)  I thought the airport would be dead on Thanksgiving, but it was actually a completely full flight.

Waiting for my flight at the KC airport

I managed to secure a ride with a random family from Milwaukee to Madison (about 1.5 hour drive) rather than wait around for the bus.  I still ended up missing Thanksgiving with his family by about 30 minutes - literally.  Leftovers weren't so bad though...

Friday afternoon we had a little Thanksgiving get-together with his parents friends in Madison.  We just hung out and talked and ate lots of food.  
Heading to the party
That night, we did a little Black Friday shopping, which consisted of getting to the mall at 8pm when it closed at 9pm.  No worries, though.  I'm a power shopper. ;)  I bought a little girls cheerleading outfit - that I barely squeezed in to - to wear to the football game (or maybe a Halloween costume, since my butt cheeks practically show), some lotion at Bath & Body Works, and my big purchase of the night, my first Lululemon attire:  two jackets.  I'm in love. ;)

Lululemon jackets!
Saturday we went to the University of Wisconsin football game (Wisconsin vs Purdue), which was supposed to be an easy win for Wisconsin.  We got tickets in a suite because we figured it would be cold out.  It actually turned out to be a pretty nice day, but sitting in a suite was still awesome!  Our own separate entrance, a private elevator up to the suites, free food and drinks, a great view, and no cold weather.  Unfortunately, Purdue was on top most of the game and ended up winning, but since I'm not a die-hard Wisconsin fan, I still had fun! 

The Wisconsin TOMS Christa painted for me last year were still a HUGE hit.  
I don't even know how many times people commented on them!

Panoramic feature on the iPhone is so good!

Sunday we slept in a little, worked out, and then hit the road for the 8 hour drive home.  There was a wreck somewhere in Iowa that brought allllll the Thanksgiving traffic to a dead stand still.  Good times.  The sun was making a crazy light show at sunset, but this was the best picture I could get while flying down the interstate (I was definitely speeding the whole way home).

L:  traffic not moving in Iowa
R:  crazy sun beam -- maybe also in Iowa?

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